Wild Wings Kitchen

Craving for some chicken wings on a late night? There’s a new restaurant in the block, and it’s called Wild Wings Kitchen. They’re located at the E-Zone, F. Cabahug St., Panagdait, Mabolo, Cebu City. If you’re familiar with where the Rainforest Park is, then the E-Zone is directly beside it. You can’t miss it!

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My officemate invited me to try out some of their dishes. As their name implies, their specialty is chicken wings, hence the name, Wild Wings Kitchen. It was their soft opening  week and I was excited to try it out.

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They’re located just at the entrance of the E-Zone. There’s ample parking space at the back area, so no problems there. There are also tons of other restaurants and there’s even a Crossfit center in that area.

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The interior of the first floor is kind of cozy, as it doubles as both their kitchen and order taking area.

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However, if you just plan on grabbing a quick bite and are on a solo flight, there are some tables and chairs on the first floor for a quick meal.

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Here’s a shot of their menu. All of the Buffalo Wings (Hot & Spicy, Honey BBQ, and Lemon Pepper) come with a cup of rice, as do the other Pork and Sinangag meals. There’s also other side dishes like Ramyun and Kangkong with Bagoong, as well as an assortment of drinks and shakes to quench your thirst after.

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The second floor has a much more spacious area for dining, as there are lots of available tables, good for big groups and for those dinner dates as well. It has a very nice ambiance about it, with the wood adorned walls and the pretty flowers and plants that are spread out across the tables. There’s also a single white ‘W’ in the centerpiece, also made out of wood, that gives it that distinct look.

20160519_191406 (1280x960)

20160519_191309 (960x1280)

Some of my friends from Lexmark were also there during the soft opening. Looks like all happy faces to me!

20160519_192403 (1280x960)

For PHP 129.00, you get 5-6 pieces of wings/chicken parts, a generous cup of rice, a serving of sauce, and some corn on the side. It’s actually pretty reasonable, and I found that this was a good serving in terms of price-value ratio in comparison to other chicken/buffalo wing places here in Cebu. This is the Hot & Spicy buffalo wings meal.

20160519_192920 (960x1280)

I had the Honey BBQ flavored wings, which is also priced at PHP 129.00. I found the sauce to be really good as I tend to gravitate towards sweet and smokey flavors rather than having my chicken wings super spicy. I was full with this meal and I really enjoyed chowing down on the wings with my bare hands. Definitely a good meal, and it’s hard to go wrong with flavored chicken wings.

20160519_194514 (960x1280)

We tried out their one and only dessert on the menu, Choco Mallows with Ice Cream. What can I say, it’s a brownie with choco mallows topped with vanilla ice cream, and glazed with chocolate syrup. It was good to indulge on something cold and sweet after our chicken wing meal. However, my suggestion would be to heat the brownie a bit, as that’ll make it taste even better.

20160519_192536 (1280x960)

Happy campers after our meal! The drinks are also pretty affordable as iced tea is at PHP 25.00 per glass and softdrinks are at PHP 35.00 per can.

20160519_191406 (1280x960)

All in all, this is a place I would recommend for someone looking for an affordable meal while still having a nice dining experience. Like I mentioned before, it’s hard to go wrong with flavored chicken wings, and this place hits a lot of check marks.

A bold adventure of a start-up for my officemate, and I wish her good luck in her food venture with Wild Wings Kitchen. They’re still on their soft opening, so do check them out!

You can contact them at (032)417-2717 or check out their Facebook page here. They’re open on Monday-Thursday from 12:00 NN to 10:00 PM and are open on Friday & Saturday from 3:00 PM to 2:00 AM.

As always, feel free to leave a comment down below or message me on any of my social media accounts (@mikes41720 on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) for any questions and inquiries.

Until next time,



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