A Review of the Adidas Ultra Boost

So with 2016 rolling in, I decided to get myself a pair of new sneakers. I bought a lot of kicks back in 2014, and I had to take a break from that in 2015 because mechanical keyboards were what I got into for that year.

I also wanted to get back into running, and my old beat-up pair was the Nike Lunarglide 4 I bought way back in 2013. I had jogged those things into the ground, and the traction pattern is basically non-existent now. My sister also entered me into a 12K fun run, so that was partly some motivation for me to get some new shoes.

I ventured into Adidas and I saw these Ultra Boosts for sale. I always wanted a pair back when it originally came out. I almost ended up getting another pair from New Balance, but these won out. They were really expensive at PHP 8,295.00, with no discount or sale. I rarely buy kicks at or above retail, but I had to make an exception for this. Once I laced them up and walked around the store, I knew I had to get them. I had a previous experience with BOOST before, but like they say, it’s like walking on clouds. Endless energy for your runs. Money went out of my wallet, and the rest is history.

20160120_122535 (1280x720)

20160120_122553 (1280x720)

20160120_122601 (1280x720)

The colorway is very interesting, it has various shades of blue and turquoise, with some red hits to set it off. Very reminiscent of a Miami Vice colorway, but with a bit more variety. I also got it in a half-size larger since I knew Adidas shoes generally tended to be narrow in the forefoot.

20160120_122623 (1280x720)

No discount, but at least I got a free pair of Climalite socks for my trouble. But these were made for basketball, and not really for running. At least I got something extra out of it.

20160120_122742 (1280x720)

Here they are! They’re really beautiful, and while the colorway is a bit loud, I’m happy with what I got. The black one would have been nice too, but I have so many black shoes already, this’ll make for a nice contrast and to switch things up.

20160120_123719 (1280x720)

Here is the Primeknit material on the one piece upper of the shoe. This is a completely knit material, and it feels just like a nice snug sock. It’s supposed to hug your foot nicely and conform to the shape of your foot over time while still being supportive. It’s really a different feeling from leather or synthetic materials.

20160120_123228 (720x1280)

We’ve got an Adidas hit on the tongue and it’s reflective. We also have these salmon pink laces which add a nice contrast to the various shades of blue in the shoe.

20160120_123148 (1280x720)

A shot of the back of the shoe. I like that it has a pull tab which helps me greatly. The shoe is a one piece upper, so the tongue isn’t separated, so the pull tab isn’t just for looks, but is added so that it’s easier to get your foot into the shoe.

20160120_123304 (1280x720)

Here we have the iconic Adidas three stripes which also act as a cage for support and added lockdown. It’s not flimsy at all, and it adds another dimension to the shoe. Other people who aren’t runners have taken this shoe and chopped off the cage to make it cage-less, which then gives a bit of a lifestyle look to it. I will be using these for running, so I won’t be doing that anytime soon.

20160120_123241 (1280x720)

Then from the support cage, it wraps around to a heel cup at the back. It also has the Ultra Boost lettering in chrome and gold, and adds a bit of flair and bling to the shoe. That touch of sheen and shine really makes it pop.

20160120_123336 (1280x720)

Here is a shot of the outsole. Adidas teamed up with Continental, who are popular tire makers, for the outsole of the shoe. This is actually the second iteration of the Ultra Boost, as the original versions had outsoles with sharp nubs on them. This one has a more flat or circle surface pattern on them. I believe this was because people complained that the traction or sharp nubs wore off really quickly. Hopefully this’ll address that.

20160120_123418 (1280x720)

Here is the torsion system, which is basically added support for your midfoot and arch section to stay in place and not go where it shouldn’t.

20160120_123434 (1280x720)

Here’s a look at the Continental logo on the outsole. I really do hope the traction improves, as I will be using this as my go-to shoe for running and everyday needs.

20160120_123130 (1280x720)

A side view of the shoe. Aside from the Primeknit upper, the show stopper of this shoe is the use of BOOST Technology, which is basically pellets that are infused together to give you energy return and bounce that is much better than EVA foam that is being used on most shoes on the market. Is this a gimmick? I don’t think so. It really does feel like walking on clouds. It’s the comfiest sneaker I own, and I can really feel the bounce and energy return in each step. I don’t think it’s a placebo effect. I can really notice the compression and it feels better with each step.

20160120_123646 (1280x720)

20160120_123459 (1280x720)

20160120_123816 (1280x720)

20160120_124025 (1280x720)

There we have it! I’ve only put in about 10 kilometers into the shoes, and I’m loving it so far. I love the knit upper as it really feels like a sock. The BOOST foam is amazing and I can really feel the energy return with each step, it’s bouncy and comfortable and provides a lot of impact protection.

I’m not exactly stoked that I paid full retail for this shoe, and given the hefty price tag, USD 180, it’s not exactly affordable. But this is the latest and greatest technology and Adidas has touted it as the world’s greatest running shoe, and that’s bound to generate a lot of hype, but it’s pretty much warranted. If you haven’t yet, go check out a pair in store now!

If you have any questions or inquiries, feel free to leave a comment below. Or you can reach me on any of my social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) @mikes41720. Time to shut my mouth and get to running. The fun run is less than a month away, and I’m still struggling to run 5K straight. Let’s go!

Until next time,



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