Monkey’s Belly Bistro Bar

So right after me and my friends ate at Wasted Chef, we walked all the way to Escario and found ourselves at Monkey’s Belly Bistro Bar. It’s this newly opened bar in Capitol Square, right next to Cebu’s Original Lechon Belly and Yakimix. You can’t miss it once you reach Capitol Square.


The place is very simple and is a bit on the dark side, but very much like any type of bar you would expect. No frills, very low-key. Just chill music, dim lights and a place where you can enjoy drinks with your friends. They’ve got a lot of choices for drinks and food.


They don’t have a space for any live bands or acoustic sets, so the music is purely from their Spotify playlist (you can even hear the ads!). Maybe that’s one aspect they can work on in the future. I’m not sure what the name Monkey’s Belly means, but it’s certainly an interesting name.


We ordered a bucket of Brew Kettle! It’s one of the newest beers from Asia Brewery and the flavor is that of a Witbier. It has a fruity and citrus aftertaste which I like very much. One of my new favorites! It’s a set of 5 for PHP 295.00. You can also order San Mig Lights in a bucket or set. The rest of the beers are ordered individually.


My friends also ordered Jagerbombs. Two shots of Jagermeister and one can of Red Bull comes in at PHP 229.00. You have to order two shots minimum, and it looked delicious as they dropped the shot glass into the bigger glass and drank it straight.

I also took a picture of their current menu if you want to check out their other options in terms of drinks and food. I kind of find it a bit on the expensive side, but it’s reasonable for the location. I just kind of find it weird that you can’t order other beers like Pilsen or Red Horse by the bucket and you have to order it individually.


Here’s a picture of me and my friends. We had a blast and it was pretty chill here! I would definitely go again if we just wanted a chill night to drink and talk without the music overpowering. I would definitely come back. But if you also want a different cup of tea, you can go right across the street and there’s this other bar called Politics, and it’s pretty chill there too, but with a bit of a different theme or feel.

The weird thing about Monkey’s Belly is that they close very early on Saturdays & Sundays, and close pretty late from Mondays to Fridays, which is also something I think they should take a look at. I believe they close at 12 MN on Saturdays and 11 PM on Sundays, but are open until 2 AM from Mondays to Fridays. Weird, right? Most people would tend to stay up late during the weekend. But hey, I don’t a bar. You can check out their Facebook page here.

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