Dining at Parilya

My best friend came home a couple of weeks ago from New York, so we had to have some Filipino food for his homecoming! The day after we fetched him from the airport, we ate lunch at this new restaurant called Parilya. It is the latest offering from the Laguna Group, who are also known for their other restaurants like Lemongrass, Ulli’s and Cafe Laguna.


Parilya is located in Il Corso, and if you don’t know where that is, it’s actually in the South Road Properties (SRP). It’s nearby the highly anticipated SM Seaside City and is also nearby one of its competitors, Lantaw. Actually, Lantaw and Parilya are the only restaurants in that area, until SM Seaside City opens, that is.


We got there at around lunch time, and it had a really nice view by the sea! It’s certainly far away from the city, but the view made it worth it.


It has a very Filipino interior to it with the wooden furniture and fixtures, and the white accents add an air of sophistication and elegance.


It was particularly cozy and although Il Corso is still unfinished, it was nice to walk around in. I still feel that there is a lot of room of improvement though, and hopefully over time, the over-all area should feel more finished and complete.

Here is a gallery of their menu (which is still the unfinished version) and their various starters, main courses, drinks and desserts which they have aptly named. Abregana for their starter dishes which includes a variety of salads and seafood. Higops for their soups which come in a lot of different choices. Combos if you want a meal good for one person. Ora-urada for their short orders which is good for sharing. Kinilaw which has their raw food options. Crispygana, Sobragana and Parilya Specials for the main course which is all good for sharing. Sinugba, Pancit, Rice, Merienda Gana, Drinks and Desserts to round it all off.

Pricing for most of their dishes is reasonable. It’s a tad bit pricier when comparing it to Lantaw, but I feel that their food is a bit more refined for the price that you are paying. Just click on any of the pictures in the gallery to see the descriptions of their food as well as the respective price.


Who doesn’t love Baked Scallops, especially when it’s cooked in cheese? Delicious! And it had a nice salad which was a mix of tomatoes, onions and guso, which is a type of seaweed here in the Philippines.


This is the Parilya Seafood Soup. This is already my bowl, but it was served in a big serving bowl with a lot of different seafood and vegetables. It’s very colorful and has a tomato paste base, with a bit of chili. Good stuff!


This is Lechon Parilya Platter which is a hefty serving for 3-4 people. They source out their own Lechon and was it cooked to perfection! The skin is crispy, and the meat is juicy. It also comes with a side serving of atsara. So for those of you who like Lechon, this is the dish for you! Something to note is that it does have a strong aftertaste of star anise, but it is still sumptuous nonetheless.


Lastly, this is the Parilya Barbeque Platter. It’s great for sharing and also has a side serving of atsara. It is a mixture of barbequed pork, chicken, liempo and chorizo. It was really, really good and is a perfect contrast to the other seafood dishes that we ordered. Rice is served in pandan leaves, and is reminiscent of puso. You’ll definitely eat a lot of rice when pairing it with this barbeque platter.


To top it all off, we had a Sangria Pitcher to share. It’s a mixture of red wine and fruits and it was also pretty good! I’m not a very big fan of red wine, but this mixture was a refreshing drink after our heavy meal.


Here’s my balikbayan best friend with his girlfriend. Don’t they look like the happy couple? Glad to see them together again after about a year or so!


Here’s a group picture! Happy campers and smiles all around after a great meal!

Parilya is definitely a great place to bring your family and friends for a true Filipino meal, and although it’s a bit far away from the city, the great view by the sea makes up for it entirely. Its theme of Lechon, Seafood and Grill is nothing less than what you would expect its cuisine to be. Servings are generous, and although it is a bit pricier than its direct competitor in the area, it is a bit more refined, taste wise. Nothing less from the Laguna Group. Definitely check it out if you find yourself in the SRP area!

You can find their Facebook page here and you can contact (032) 511-8832 for inquiries and reservations. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions, and as always, you can hit me up at any of my social media accounts @mikes41720.

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One thought on “Dining at Parilya

  1. Very accommodating. The food is quite good. I love the ambiance of the restaurant. Good for everyone especially Filipinos to taste their own Filipino Dish.

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