Dining at Black Iron Cebu

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Hope you’re having a great week. After that last post on Gabby’s Closet Cebu, it’s time to switch it up a bit and bring you a food trip review on another newly opened restaurant here in Cebu. If you’re a fan of burgers, steaks and high quality beef and meat, then get to reading because you’re going to enjoy this one. Today, we’re going to feature Black Iron Cebu.

I was able to eat at Black Iron around sometime last week, but I heard it opened on September 2014, so this was long overdue! A couple of friends & I had been planning to have a food trip for a while now, and since my chef sister always recommends new places to try out, I thought, why not Black Iron. I was excited as my sister knows her food, and any place she recommends usually ends up being pretty good. She was not wrong on this one. On Tuesday, we set out for dinner with hungry stomachs and raring appetites.


After about an hour in traffic, we finally arrived at our destination. Black Iron is located at Ginza Compound, J. Panis Street, Old Banilad Road. If you’re coming from Ayala, when you get to the intersection, left going to IT Park Entrance, straight going to Country Mall & BTC, right to some subdivision, you take the north-east road going to Cempark. Go straight a bit, then Ginza Compound should be on the right side and you should be able to see it from there. Black Iron is right next to Patio Isabel, so hopefully you should be able to find it without much trouble.


The place is decent sized, but by no means large. It’s fully air conditioned, and they’ve got around 8-10 tables. They’ve also got some interesting design on the walls. It’s a giant green chalkboard, and you can write love messages or graffiti drawings on the wall with colored chalk. This gives it a personal feel, which is nice, although I’m not sure if it’s exactly sanitary if and when the chalk dust might rub off onto the food. Maybe just something to note if you easily get allergies or something.


I took a picture of their menu on the side. Not much variation to the menu, but there’s more than enough for you to be able to choose something. Burgers, steaks, and some side dishes and salads for the most part. I don’t think they had any dessert options though, which some could find lacking. Hopefully they’ll be able to add more options along the way. I took pictures of the dishes we ordered, so if you want to take a look at what the Monster Chops or the Cowboy Steak looks like, then continue on scrolling! As you can see, they are a bit on the pricier side, but it’s well worth it for the quality of ingredients that they use, particularly the quality of the beef.


I like how their burgers have lots of options with regards to buns, meat, condiments and side dishes. We ended up not ordering any burger, but I’ve heard that their burgers are good and the next time I come back, I’ll definitely order a burger and let you know how it tastes.


Thought this design piece on the wall was interesting. It’s a collage of gift cards from a lot of US Retail Stores like Macy’s, Sears, Nike, American Eagle, Lowe’s, Chili’s, and a whole lot more. Feels very American.


Black Iron is part of the American Beef Club, and they proudly display this plaque as a testament to that. We are proud to serve High Quality U.S. Beef. I’m not exactly sure what goes into making U.S. Beef, but damn, they have some tasty beef!


My friend wrote his name on the wall chalkboard and placed his Instagram and Twitter account! Little things while waiting for our order.



Something to note, they are still cash only for the meantime, so please keep that in mind before bringing a credit card and no cash! Boy, they are fully stocked! Heinz ketchup bottles and softdrink cans for days! Right in front of that Sto. Nino, you can see that gold plaque that reads member. That’s the American Beef Club I was talking about earlier. Their staff are very friendly.


Here’s where the action goes down! I like how they have a clear glass display that shows how they cook your burgers and steaks. It’s a nice touch for those who like to cook or are just curious in how it’s being made.


This was particularly funny. Their washroom has the insignias of Stand2P and Sit2P, which made me chuckle as it wasn’t the usual men & women indicator. I sure hope you know which is which!


There’s just something about Heinz tomato ketchup that tastes so good. While waiting for the order, one of my friends actually just placed ketchup on his plate and used a spoon to eat it directly. I don’t blame him. There’s also Tabasco, Mustard and our ever popular Knorr liquid seasoning!


Ordered their Raspberry Iced Tea  for PHP 85.00 per pitcher. It was good for 3, and I like how their glasses are in a jar. It’s also at PHP 55.00 per glass if you just want a single serving. It was pretty good, you could taste the distinct flavor of raspberry mixed with the iced tea. One pitcher serves about 6 glasses, so it’s pretty good for sharing.


Angus Baked Spaghetti

It was priced at PHP 250.00 per serving and it comes with a piece of toasted bread. Here’s how it looks before you mix everything together.


And here it is after mixing! It was pretty good, you could definitely taste the Angus beef portions. This is one of their lighter meals though, so it’s good for sharing. But I didn’t come here to eat spaghetti, I wanted a thick slab of steak and beef!


Monster Chop

It was priced at PHP 295.00 and boy was it worth it! Just take a look at how huge that portion is. It’s a lot for one person and this can definitely be shared. It comes with one rice, but I suggest ordering extra rice in advance, because you’re going to need it! It comes in a sizzling plate and has some vegetables on the side. The seasoning was just right with the correct amount of salt, and the pork was real juicy. This is one delicious dish. Highly recommended if you don’t plan on ordering steak. Well worth it for the money.


Angus Beef Burger Steak

I ordered the 1/2 lb for PHP 360.00 or you can get the 1/3 lb variant for PHP 240.00. It comes in a sizzling plate with rice and some vegetables on the side. First bite was sumptuous! The sauce of the burger steak was delicious and the beef was extremely juicy. This is that high grade US quality beef coming into play. Some mushrooms on top and some spices give it that extra tastiness. Again, highly recommend this dish. If you’re used to the usual burger steak from Orange Brutus, you’re in for a pleasant surprise here.


Cowboy Cut Steak

It’s 1 inch thick and it’s priced at PHP 1,100.00 which seems really expensive, but that’s what you pay for when you want the highest quality beef. There’s also a 1 & 1/2 inch variant that is a bit more expensive at PHP 1,350.00. It comes with a serving of french beans, mashed potatoes and grilled corn. Not in the picture is their homemade cream pepper sauce, which was pretty good too. What can I say about their steak? It was really juicy. This was cooked medium well, although I would have preferred it to be medium rare to have it be a bit more juicy. But boy, is this delicious! You get what you pay for. Your wallet might be crying, but your stomach will be thanking you afterwards. Again, the meat is real juicy and the seasoning is just right. It is grilled to perfection. Over-all it’s simple, but the dish manages to bring out the flavor of the high-quality beef.


Well there you have it! Black Iron Cebu is definitely a bit of a sleeper and is still kind of unknown to a lot of people in Cebu, but more people should try this restaurant out if they want high quality beef dishes. It’s on the pricier end for a full meal, but you get what you pay for in terms of ingredients. Save up a bit, or wait until it’s payday, and indulge! I would definitely recommend going back here to try out some of their other dishes. Be sure to bring your friends!

You can contact them and make reservations at 0933-985-6888.

They are open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 11 AM to 10 PM.

You can find their Facebook page here.

You can also follow them on Twitter & Instagram @blackironcebu


Here’s a picture of some happy faces. Smile for the camera, even if you’re actually really hungry already!

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