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If you guys follow me on some of my social media accounts, you know I have a thing for sneakers. I don’t know how to quite explain it, but I just love seeing and wearing a good pair of kicks. I’ve probably got around close to 20 pairs, and if that isn’t an addiction, then I don’t know what is. If you haven’t read my recent post on my sneaker pick-ups for 2014, you can check it out here! Today, I’ve got a very interesting feature on an apparel and sneaker store that just opened recently. Let’s take a look at Gabby’s Closet Cebu.


It’s located at the 2nd floor of the Avagar Building. It is in Escario corner Molave Street. It’s nearby Parklane Hotel, so you can’t miss it.


I was able to visit their store around sometime last week. The Avagar building is also kind of new, so if you have a hard time finding the place, drop a comment below and I’ll try to help answer.


What greeted me was a very interesting piece. It was a wall clock but instead of numbers, they used the Air Jordan shoes from the first until the twelfth rendition. It was a real nice touch and really showed the deep roots and influence of whom many consider to be the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan. His Air Jordan line started the whole sneaker game and culture and it continues to expand up to this day.


So what is Gabby’s Closet? Gabby’s Closet is a one-stop shop for sneakers, apparel and accessories. They buy, sell and consign sneakers. It’s a unique concept where they sell brand new shoes that they get from connections and retailers, as well as selling some older releases that were bought from people who wanted to part with some shoes in their collection. They can take your old limited sneakers and post them for sale at their store and take a portion of the profit.

They feature a lot of brands, both local and international, but it’s deeply rooted in the sneaker culture, so you’ve got a lot of limited shoes that create hype and frenzy because of their limited status and timeless designs. You’ll see a lot of Air Jordans, Nikes, Adidas, Reebok, ASICS and other brands which could run up to more than PHP 20,000 per pair! Yes, that’s per pair. Certain sneakers are that highly coveted because of the history and nostalgia attached to it.

I was fortunate enough to have been able to talk to the owner, Sir Roland Chua, and we chopped it up for a good hour or so. It all started when he began selling shoes on eBay since he was based in the US. When he came back to the Philippines, he started selling sneakers and apparel on some online websites. He did not have a physical store, but people were clamoring for sneakers and demand was growing, so he decided to open up a shop in Manila to cater to the people who wanted to get the more limited sneakers but didn’t necessarily have the best access to them, as most of them were being released in the US or in Europe. Thus, around the early 2000’s, Gabby’s Closet was born.

They currently have 3 branches, two in Manila and one in Cebu. The two stores in Manila are located in Shaw and Taft, and he told me that the sneaker game in Manila is bigger than ever. Hoping to expand on the love and passion for sneakers in other areas of the Philippines, he franchised Gabby’s Closet. Along with some partners, they opened the branch here in Cebu in September 2014. Fun fact, Gabby is Sir RC’s daugher, so that’s where the name stemmed from. But enough of the history lesson, let’s check out the pictures of their awesome sneakers and apparel!


They have a lot of apparel that is a mixture of both local and international brands that go along with the street wear and sneaker culture concept. Bloodbath, Fledge, Bullyproof, Reason, Diamond Supply Co, Antigrvty, Dope, Black Scale, Swamp Monster and Obey. The list goes on and on, but they’ve got a great mixture of designs and styles.


They also have some accessories and shades available for sale. A little bling and flash on the side never hurt and they’ve got that in supply!


Some bags and backpacks from Reason & Sprayground are also in display. Not very familiar with some of these brands, but they do have some nice designs.


They’ve also got an assortment of pants and caps. Whatever you’re looking for, they probably have it.


Last but not the least, we’ve got these jogger pants from Kirv and Outkast Paradigm. Jogger pants have kind of been the trend lately, as they do tend to show off your sneakers a bit more. I have gotten into this fad, and have about 2-3 pairs myself. Lots of different designs from camouflage, leather, denim and fleece to choose from.


This special pair of sneakers are enclosed in a clear acrylic case. These are the Nike ‘What the LeBron’ 11’s. LeBron James  is one of the most popular basketball basketball players today, and he makes up one-third of Nike’s signature basketball athletes along with Kobe Bryant & Kevin Durant. It’s crazy to think that he’s released his 11th shoe already, goes to show you how huge the sneaker scene is. This is called the What the LeBron because it’s a mixture of all different colorways of previous LeBrons slapped onto one shoe, and the left and the right shoe are both different! A bit out there in terms of design, but this is one of those coveted sneakers. I believe this pair is around PHP 24,000.00. That’s not a typo.


We’ve got more apparel on this side and we have the Air Jordan section on the shelves. Like I mentioned earlier, Michael Jordan is one of the greatest of all time, and his influence has spread to greater heights even outside of basketball. He’s won 6 NBA Championships, has been MVP, slam dunk champion, scoring leader, defensive player of the year, and olympic gold medalist. The list goes on and on. There is that 23, his basketball jersey number, which provides a really nice design element as tribute to His Airness. His signature line, the Air Jordans, has served as launchpads for other contemporary signature lines like LeBron, Kobe, KD, Penny, DRose and the like. Again, I will say, these shoes are not cheap.


The shoes you see here are what started it all. The Air Jordan 1’s. The red pair is called Breds (black and red) and the blue pair is called Royals. Nike launched these back in 1985, and they’ve been highly coveted ever since. They’ve been re-released several times due to popular demand, but the demand is greater than the supply, so these are pretty limited. The price for each pair of these shoes are worth around PHP 15,000-20,000. They are worth a pretty penny.


Here’s a look at the Air Jordan 6 Cigar. This is a Brand New Dead Stock (BNDS) pair in a Size 12, and it is being sold for PHP 19,000.00. This is part of the Cigar & Champagne pack that celebrated Jordan’s first championship, as you can see the championship ring detailing on the shoe, along with the brown, red and gold accents. It’s amazing to see how Jordan’s sneaker line has evolved. From the Air Jordan I in 1985, we’re now up to the Air Jordan XX9 in 2014. Even if Jordan is already in retirement, his shoes seem to be timeless and still manage to create that hype!


Gabby’s Closet keeps their shoes shrink wrapped in plastic to extend the lifespan, as over time, these do tend to break down a bit if not worn. And if the shoe is slightly used or worn, that will also affect the pricing. Incidentally, even the sizing comes into play a bit, as more people do fall in the range of Size 9-10 and it would be more in demand. These are several colorways of the Air Jordan 4, another coveted silhouette in the Air Jordan line, and which many sneakerheads would consider their grail. A grail, short for holy grail, is what you would consider your favorite pair of all time.


Aside from Jordans, there are also other sneakers that may be up your alley. From Nike, we’ve got Penny, Kobe, LeBron, KD as some of their athletes with signature lines, as well as other brands like Adidas and Reebok. Lots of designs and colorways to choose from, and what makes each release special is that some of them have backstories or personal details on the designs from that particular endorser.


The two high-top sneakers are Kobe IX’s, which was released around last year. The pair enclosed in an acrylic case is the Kobe VIII Prelude. It was part of the Prelude pack, with special editions of all of Kobe’s older shoes up until the release of the 9th edition. As you can see, this sneaker is priced at PHP 21,000.00. And you thought a pair of leather shoes were expensive!


Here are some shoes that are more of that everyday lifestyle look. There are everyday step-in shoes with Nike Roshe Runs, Flyknit Trainers & Airmaxes as well as some skateboarding shoes with the Dunk and Janoski models. Some other brands like ASICS & Saucony also feature some of their retro lifestyle sneakers. This section is much more affordable but still manages to have a premium price point due to the fact that these sneakers are still kind of hard to get and are still coveted in nature. There are also have some caps on display as well as some cool figurines.


The ones on the top shelf are the Nike Roshe Run, which is your everyday slip-on sneaker with a running shoe design. The ones on the bottom shelf are Nike Airmax 1’s & Airmax 90’s, which have a vintage runner look to them, as these are old retro models that still have different colorways to release each year. I personally am a fan of all these three silhouettes and think they look amazing.


Well there you have it! Gabby’s Closet Cebu offers a certainly unique take in terms of shoes and apparel, and it is close to my heart because of my love for sneakers as well. These shoes are certainly not cheap, and you will be paying a premium for them, but the sheer nostalgia, history and design makes it compelling to be a sneakerhead in this day and age, especially for us here in Cebu. So if you’re in town, do check it out and show them some love. They’ve got cool stuff over there. I hope to one day be able to own a pair of Jordans myself!

Here are some useful links and contact numbers if you want to get in touch with them:

Gabby’s Closet Cebu Facebook 

Gabby’s Closet Cebu Instagram

Gabby’s Closet Shaw

Gabby’s Closet Taft

Contact Number for the Cebu branch –  0923-629-8111 / 414-1732

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Lots of stores and restaurants are opening up in Cebu, and it’s exciting to see where the future takes us. 2015 is here, and I’m stoked for this year’s adventures!

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