Brunch at Yolk

Hey, Everyone!

I already wrote this post on my cellphone on the WordPress mobile app and it was already good for posting, but apparently it didn’t save and I lost the whole draft! Very unfortunate, so I’m typing this now on my desktop and hopefully it’ll still be a good read for you guys. Anyway, today is February 1, and it signals the start of the love month! And what better way to start things off than to chance upon a new restaurant find! Me and my sister just had brunch over at this newly opened restaurant called Yolk. It’s a little hidden restaurant which focuses on coffee and breakfast food, and as the name implies, most of its dishes has eggs in it. Read on to find more about this hidden gem!


Yolk is located at 80 Tres Borces Street in Mabolo. For those who aren’t familiar, if you’re coming from Ayala, and you reach the intersection  that has Leona’s and BBQ Boss, you go straight and then take the first right turn after Bread After Bread. Just go straight, and it should be on the right side. This place is a hidden little gem, away from the main roads, but it shouldn’t be too hard to spot. Only issue I foresee is that there isn’t much parking, so best of luck in finding a parking space on a busy day!


It was a beautiful Sunday morning, and we got there at around 11 AM. It was kind of packed already, as there were lots of people who were having their breakfast or early lunch. The seating capacity is around 25 people, and they have around 7-8 tables. It’s a little cramped, but that’s also part of the appeal of this place since it definitely fits in the category of hole-in-the-wall restaurant.


Here is their counter and a little peek of the cooking area at the back. They’ve got around 3-4 staff members, and they were all very kind. Excellent service, as they were happy to greet us and take our photos. Food arrived after about 10 or so minutes, so it was pretty quick.

While waiting, you can enjoy the rustic decoration around the interior of the place. Off-white brick walls and wooden fixtures give it a very clean and country look, and all the decoration pieces were very interesting to look at. Lots of interesting pieces. Very Instagram worthy and everything looked like it came straight out of Pinterest. There were chalk boards, picture frames, a huge world map, lots of quotes, bottles, books and plant ornaments. Artistic and you’ll find yourself staring around the walls until your food arrives! Here are some pictures to show you what I’m talking about.





Here is my date for the start of the love month! My sister, Michelle, loves food and is a very competent chef! She also paid for this brunch, so I am very grateful for that. Ha! Love you, Manang!


They’ve got a couch and coffee table with some newspapers and magazines. I just love how the place looks and it feels very homey, exactly where you’d like to have your Sunday brunch.



They use yellow light bulbs that are encased in jars, which was very unique and added to the feel of the place.


I just found myself reading some of the quotes on the walls, and it was just very noteworthy. The overall design will have all the foodies, fashion and style bloggers, coffee and meeting yuppies flocking to this place!



I took some photos of their menu. Not very many choices, but to give benefit of the doubt, it is breakfast food. So don’t come here and expect any lunch or dinner type entrees. The names of their dishes are pretty amusing. It’s so Fluffy I could die? Two-some? Fat Boy? Some witty naming conventions for their food. They’ve got a little mix of everything, with some salads, some sandwiches, some pancakes, and lots of plated food with eggs in it! They also have lots of cold and hot beverages, mainly coffee and brewed tea, so you can have your pick with that. Prices seem reasonable, although personally it’s more on the expensive side considering this is for a breakfast meal.


You’ll be glad to know they have speedy wi-fi on hand, which is probably a must in this day and age. Those chalk boards are just a nice touch and easily customizable. Their specialty coffee, as the picture says, is sourced from Colombia, Sumatra and Ethiopia. These beans traveled a long way, so they probably must be worth the try!


Iced Mocha

A bit pricey at PHP 140.00, but it was actually pretty good! The chocolate and coffee combination was delicious, and you can tell that the coffee used was a high grade source. Very rich and slightly dark. Be sure to mix it well before you take a sip, as the coffee settles on the bottom.


All Beefed Up

Fried rice topped with a sunny side up egg, tomatoes and carrots on the side, and their homemade corned beef. It was good, but personally it looked a bit lacking, especially with the PHP 220.00 price tag on it. Still, props to Yolk for trying their own homemade corned beef, definitely gives it a unique flavor as to the regular canned corned beef.


Eggs Benny

A salad on the side with a dressing of Balsamic Vinaigrette,  two pieces of toasted sourdough bread topped with crispy bacon and two poached eggs, lathered with their calamansi-infused buttery hollandaise sauce. When you break open the poached egg, the yolk drips all over the dish and it’s a great look for the classic take on Eggs Benedict. It was pretty good and filling, and the serving was just right. Again, this might be a bit expensive at PHP 280.00, but it was pretty worth it both for presentation and taste.


You can find their Facebook page here. Their Instagram page can also be found here. Follow them on Twitter @YolkCafePH. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #YolkCafePH  and #CebuEats when you post on social media to show Yolk some love! If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to send Yolk a message on their social media accounts.


Here is a picture of me and my sister after our meal. All smiles! #TeamLingin

Overall, dining at Yolk was pretty good! Cebuanos love to find these little hidden restaurants that haven’t been discovered, and this is no exception. Definitely worth a try. The only gripe I have is that the food is a bit on the pricier side and they lack parking space, but not to take anything away from them. The place was gorgeous with its Instagram & Pinterest worthy decor and interior, the food and drinks were good for a hearty breakfast or brunch meal, and the whole experience was a great meal that is easy like Sunday Morning!

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Until next time,



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