Dining at Tokyo Table

So here’s another one of my food trip adventures. Apologies, as this is another backlogged post. But it wasn’t too long ago, so it should be fine. This time, I was able to try out the dining experience over at Tokyo Table.

tokyotableDuring the holidays, we never really mind our budget and waistline, as we’re kind of on ‘holiday’ mode, where anything goes and money is not an object. Of course, we always come to regret it right around after New Year. Ha!

Some of my workmates and I had our team Christmas Party at Tokyo Table last December 15, 2014. It’s an all-you-can-eat restaurant located at the heart of City Time Square. City Time Square is a new arcade or commercial square, which is situated right next to Parkmall. It’s also right next to LIV Superclub, so for any of you party-goers out there, you’ll be able to locate the place no problem. Lots of parking space too, so no problem there.

Like the logo says, Tokyo Table is an all-you-can-eat restaurant the focuses on a mixture of yakiniku or grill (smokeless) style, sushi and a whole bevy of Asian flavors and cuisine. I was excited to try the place out, as lots of people had recommended the place. Did it live up to my expectations? Let’s find out!


The place was packed when we went there, and that was on a Monday evening dinner! So that was a good indication. It’s best for you to reserve a table in advance. They also have special private dining rooms for you to reserve in case you have a private function or small gathering or party.



The place was gorgeous! I apologize in advance for the horrible quality of the pictures since I was just using my cellphone, but the place still looks stunning nonetheless. There are Japanese paintings and characters adorned on the wall, and the fixtures are made mostly of wood. There are bamboo plants around the place, which give it a relaxing, zen garden type of vibe.


Each table has a grill where you can cook several types of meat (beef, pork, shrimp, chicken, squid, etc.) yakiniku style. The servers will just go up to your table every once in a while to place some more oil or to replace your grill entirely if there’s too much charred residue buildup. I think it’s a nice blend, where you can pick out food buffet style and still cook to your heart’s content with some other options. Mind you, there is one full table that is solely for raw meat and seafood, which you will find in the pictures below.



As of my count, there are about 25 different kinds of raw meat and seafood you can choose from. It might be a bit too much, but it’s nice to know that you’re definitely getting what you’re paying for in terms of options, as this buffet isn’t exactly affordable by any stretch of the imagination. I will comment that the meat we decided to grill was fresh, and most of it tasted good, it’s just that I would suggest that you try a bit of everything, and go back to the meats that were more to your liking. My personal favorite would be the lean strips of beef, as they cook almost instantly and taste real good! Some of the other meat options would take a really long time to cook, like chicken and pork, and it wasn’t really worth the hassle in my opinion.



Right next to the meats for the grill, we’ve got a full salad bar at your disposal! It’s not the most decked out salad bar, but they do have lots of sauces and condiments for you to make a delicious salad. It’s always a good touch when it’s on top of ice, so the ingredients stay fresh and cold. Personally, I always start a buffet out with a salad so I pace myself and ready my stomach for the heavy eating afterwards!




Right next to the salad bar is the sushi bar! I really found that boat to be a real nice decoration piece, and the chefs are just right behind the display, so if you have any requests, they are right there to cater to your sushi needs! They are constantly refilling the display, and there are lots of choices, which again, is a nice touch. I’m not really too keen with the raw tuna, I prefer the California Maki and other kinds of sushi rolls. I did try a little bit of everything and it was all fresh and good! Good to note that they have no shortage of Kikkoman soy sauce, which helped bolster the flavor, with just a tinge of Wasabi on the side.


Special mention goes out to the Ebi & Yasai Tempura! I just love Tempura and it is my favorite Japanese dish by far. I probably went and refilled my plate three to four times. The tempura was fresh, although I have to say that the flavor of it wasn’t anything special. Now, it was good, but not amazing. Still, this gets a special mention in my book, as an unlimited offering of Tempura will always get a nod of approval from me!





Now, contrary to the name of the restaurant, which is Tokyo Table, lots of the food being offered in the restaurant isn’t just specifically Japanese, but more of an Asian fusion cuisine. They switch up their menu every week or so, and there are lots of choices. As you can see from the pictures, there are lots of Filipino, Thai and Chinese dishes, so you can have your pick. There’s a special section for Chinese food, which they serve in the steamers, which is a nice touch, and the rest of the food is laid out in different plates and platters. No Lechon, mind you. There’s probably around 15-20 different dishes you can choose from the buffet, but to be honest, some were repetitive and I could only pick out a few that were actually really good. Again, the options are numerous, but not everything is tasty.



They’ve got unlimited softdrinks and different kinds of iced teas and lemonade, which is good. Also, they’ve got free-flowing coffee and their own draft beer concoction, which I personally didn’t get to try since I was so stuffed with just the food alone.



Lastly, we can’t forget about the dessert bar! When your stomach is bulging and you’re full as can be, you’ve still got to have room for dessert right? Well, Tokyo Table has that covered! They’ve got a lot of choices as well in the sweets and dessert department. Got to try a little bit of everything, and it was all really good! The only thing that was unfortunate was that some of the more delicious choices didn’t seem to get refilled like that blueberry cheesecake all by its lonesome.


Here’s a picture of me and the team, enjoying our meal! Smiling even though our bellies were bursting to the brim. Ha!


Here’s a picture of the pricing and how much you’ll expect to pay over at Tokyo Table.

Now, here’s a little thing that made me feel a bit cheated about my experience at Tokyo Table. If you were a bit observant with the pricing in the picture, it says that prices are VAT exclusive. Which we only found out about after the bill had arrived. So, expect to pay around 12% more than what is being shown. I’ve already calculated how much you’ll be expected to pay once the final bill arrives,.

Monday-Thursday lunch is PHP 550.00 per head. (around PHP 620.00 per head after VAT)

Monday-Thursday dinner is PHP 650.00 per head. (around PHP 720.00 per head after VAT)

Friday-Sunday Dinner as well as special holidays are PHP 750.00 per head. (around PHP 840.00 per head after VAT)

At least pricing is cheaper for the kids. Just make sure they’re below 4 feet. Ha!

You can check out their Facebook page here.

Reservations can be made at (032) 239-7000.

All in all, would I recommend Tokyo Table? Here is the verdict.

They’ve got a beautiful place and interior, and the food choices are numerous. It’s also an interesting concept of combining a buffet with a yakiniku grill, which makes for a totally unique dining experience. There is a full salad, dessert, and sushi bar as well as lots of plated dishes for you to choose from which are all from different Asian cuisines. Unlimited refills on drinks is also welcome. But with so many choices in the food department, only a handful are truly good and worth going back for in my opinion. In this case, it was quantity over quality. And with the price point they are charging customers, especially with it being VAT exclusive, I’d be hard pressed to recommend Tokyo Table price to value wise for your money. But not taking away all the good things from it, it has a lot going for it and it is definitely worthy of trying it once, but maybe not more beyond that.

Until next time,



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