Dining at Cafe Racer

My college friends and I had a sort of reunion during the December holidays. There are 7 of us in our group, all guys, and we always try to find time to meet up, even though we’ve all gone separate paths in terms of work and careers. It’s still always a hilarious time when we do gather, and it’s just like college all over again.

We tried out this relatively new place called Cafe Racer. This is another restaurant brought to us by John Pages, who has conceptualized other successful Cebu restaurants like Lantaw and Mismukuno Teppanyaki. It’s located at the North Reclamation Area. If you’re coming from SM City Cebu, it’s right after Amnezia Superclub, and if you’re coming from Mandaue, it’s after Jollibee. It has a huge gasoline station area, which used to be a Jetti Gasoline Station. It also has a huge sign that says Cafe Racer, so you can’t miss it.

cafe racer 3

Now, I was going to post my own personal pictures, but I was just using my cellphone, so the quality was less than subpar. After I had browsed Cafe Racer’s Facebook page, I saw that they had some seriously beautiful pictures like the one above, so I decided to use some of their pictures as well. All credits go to their Facebook page.

We arrived there at around dinner time and we were pleasantly surprised at how huge the area was. There was this indoor dining area, an outdoor dining area, a fully functioning carwash and the gasoline station. I will let the pictures speak for themselves as to how gorgeous and Instagram-worthy the place was!

cafe racer 14

This is the indoor dining area, and we’ll take a look at the interior later. But you can see the inspiration stemming from the old U.S. diners of the late 50’s, and it shows.

cafe racer 6

Here it is at night. The bright LED’s again just scream U.S. diners of the late 50’s. The gasoline station is also prepped outside, and helps to promote the already gorgeous ambience of the indoor area. An interesting thing to note, those red gasoline tanks are actually functioning! But they don’t spew out gas. Rather, they serve the restaurant’s draft beer. How awesome is that! It’s a real nice added touch.


The carwash is fully functioning as well, and so if you want to bring your car or motorcycle and have it cleaned while you dine, it is certainly an option. Again, just the little things that take the experience up a notch.



If dining outdoors is more of your thing, you can certainly do so. They have lots of tables and chairs prepped outside. They use the front end of an old Volkswagen beetle to grill their BBQ and meats. How awesome is that? Again, that’s just another added touch that fits in theme with what they’re trying to achieve.


They’ve got some interesting tables in the outdoor area, using the front hood of old BMW’s! We haven’t even stepped inside, and I’m already amazed with how interesting this place is.

cafe racer 10

They use an old Volkswagen as sort of their counter, which is super rad! All of the tables and chairs are really innovative, and these chairs in the picture above are made out of old oil drums. Really, the novelty is everywhere in this place.

cafe racer 5

cafe racer 4

There is ample seating inside Cafe Racer, with about 10-12 sets of tables and chairs. Peep the awesome motorcycle just chilling on the side. Everywhere you look, there is an Instagram worthy picture waiting to be taken.

cafe racer 12

cafe racer 9

cafe racer 11

The design cues really hit a home run here. They made tables out of old license plates, and the oil drums are modified and turned into couches. They even have a workstation of sorts as another design piece, with all sorts of tools and equipment. Bravo. You’d really feel like a mechanic or a car or motorcycle enthusiast in this place.

Since you’ve seen all the eye candy from the pictures, you can tell that this place has a very nice concept and even better design execution. Lots of new restaurants that open need to have that substance or niche that separates them from other restaurants, and I believe Cafe Racer has found its bearings. But enough of the design and look of the place, let’s take a look at their food!

cafe racer 7

cafe racer 8

They’ve got a lot of variety with their food, as indicated by the menu above. Lots of sandwiches, burgers, appetizers, pastas, entrees and grilled food. There are lots of hot and cold drinks as well, with an assortment of coffee, softdrinks, juices and alcoholic beverages. They also have some desserts for you to try out. I was able to take pictures of some of the food we ordered.




Double Patty Burger Steak


BBQ & Chorizo


Bacon Bomb


Philly Cheese Steak


Fried Chicken


Chops with BBQ Sauce



Overall, the food was good, but not spectacular in my opinion. The Sisig, Fried Chicken, Chops with BBQ Sauce, Pork BBQ, Chorizo, Bacon Bomb and Philly Cheese Steak were good. My friend said the Double Patty Burger Steak was kind of dry and tasteless, so I’d go against ordering that particular dish. Maybe I was just so impressed with the interior and theme of the place, the actual food was a bit of a letdown. But again, I’m not saying that it’s bad, it was actually pretty okay, it’s just that I had my expectations up.

But for what you’re paying for, prices are fair. The serving was pretty generous on some of the dishes like the fried chicken and the chops. Each of us paid about PHP 250.00-300.00 for one entree each and some shared food like the fried chicken and sisig. We didn’t end up having any drinks inside as we had some beers outside afterwards. Didn’t try the dessert as well, but some of them looked pretty good and worth a try.


Unfortunately, we weren’t able to try their draft beer. But they do have a fine selection of some local and imported beers. I got myself a beer called Beck’s Beer. It was pretty good, with a slightly sweet and wheaty aftertaste. Here’s a picture of me and my barkada having ice cold beer after dinner and playing some cards. Does it get any better than this?

Would I recommend that you check out Cafe Racer? Definitely! It’s one of the newer restaurants to open with one of the best executed design themes that I’ve ever been to. If you’re a fan of cars, motorcycles, racing, old school U.S. inspirations, or just want a new restaurant to chill and check out, this place will pique your interest for sure. I’m pretty sure most people have never heard of this place yet, as it is a bit out of the way, but really, it’s worthy of a visit or two! The place is amazing, the food is decent, the prices are fair. Include it in your list for your next food trip!

cafe racer 2

For inquiries and questions, you can check out their Facebook page here. You can also contact them at (032) 511-7798.

I believe they are open for lunch and dinner on most days. Catch you on the next post.

Until next time,



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