Sneaker Pick-ups of 2014!

Since I left my blog to rot for the whole year of 2014, I wasn’t able to blog about the sneakers I picked up in 2014. Last review I did was on the Lebron XI King’s Pride I had won in a contest for Christmas last year. Some sneakers have come and gone in 2014, but these are the pick-ups I have kept and added to the collection. I just love kicks, and although I can’t afford the Jordans and other rare shoes for now, it’s still a passion and a hobby to just enjoy some of these shoes and rock them.

Call me a hypebeast or whatever, but all of pick-ups this year were either Nike or Adidas. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the other brands like Under Armour, Reebok, New Balance, ASICS, Onitsuka, Converse and the like, it’s just that these pick-ups from Nike or Adidas were just shoes that I’ve been wanting to cop and really stood out to me. Either that or they were on a really good deal! Hopefully, next year, I’ll be branching out a bit more in terms of sneaker brands, but then again, I won’t be able to cop as many kicks as I’d like, as I bought something big at the end of 2014, which I’ll be sharing with you guys in another post for another time. Ha! Preview.

But, let’s get to it. These are my Sneaker Pick-ups of 2014!


1.) Nike Roshe Run


So this was the first shoe I copped in around March 2014. I had just arrived in Lexington, Kentucky for a bootcamp training, care of the company I work in. On our off time, we went to this shopping mall called Fayette, and I went inside one of the local shoe stores, I believe it was Foot Action, and I was really looking for a pair of Roshe Runs. Initially, I didn’t like how they looked on feet, but they grew on me. The Roshe Run is one of the most comfortable pair of shoes I have had the pleasure of owning. It just feels so light on your feet and the upper literally feels like a nice form-fitting sock.


I like how the inspiration of the shoe is running based, and it kind of looks like a running shoe, but obviously it is lifestyle inspired. That grey Nike Swoosh on the side panel really pops on this mainly black colorway. The midsole & outsole is also a sail color, which is an off-white base, which helps out with the wearability of the shoe, and it ends up looking less dirty than with a white midsole.


Here is some detailing on the tongue. Just another Nike Swoosh. You can take a look at the mesh that these come with, which is what gives it its comfort. You can wiggle your toes and foot, and it’d still have a nice fit around it. Again, kind of like a sock.


This is what gives the shoe its step-in comfort and great feeling. It is the Nike Solarsoft insole. It is really nice under foot, and provides you with lots of comfort. The Roshe Run was a real home run for Nike and the endless colorways and material options are there for them to exploit. They’ve recently done so with the Flyknit and Tech Fleece versions, but look to when they start swapping out the midsole with their Lunarlon foam. That’ll be a game changer. I highly recommend you guys to check out a pair of Roshe Runs, try them on, and they will impress you! Lightweight, comfortable, easy to put on, and has an attractive price point. Check them out!

2.) Nike Airmax 1 London EM


Another silhouette I was looking to cop. These were purchased right after the Roshe Run and on the same day. The Airmax 1 is a classic and timeless sneaker, and I really wanted a pair in the original red or blue colorway. But since I couldn’t find those, I settled on these. These were part of a London pack, and were the EM version, which stands for Engineered Mesh. As you can see, with all the perforations, these had that mesh, which increased their comfort by quite a bit. What also helped was that these were the last pair in my size, and on sale for 50 bucks. Can’t beat that!


You can see the nice detailing on that Engineered Mesh in that maroon color. The laces also have some hints of different colored red, which is a nice touch. The tongue features more of that burgundy/maroon/red color with the patch that says London. Very nice.


Nike Air on the back patch. You can also see the different shades of red and leather used on the side panels and overlays. It was really cool to see that, and I think it came out nicely. These aren’t the best materials, but they definitely are not bad, as you can see the leather is actually pretty good, and it’s held up quite nicely over time.


That iconic exposed airmax unit in the heel is just classic! Take a look at that bubble. It was revolutionary back in the 80’s, and it still serves as an inspiration up to this day. Another touch I like on the shoe is the midsole in that light grey with the dark grey speckling. It really helps set off the shoe. A bonus is that it looks really clean, and it’s really hard to dirty up the shoe, unless you’re walking around mud all the time. Again, I recommend that you go check out a pair of the Airmax 1’s, as they just look great and are a timeless classic.

3.) Jordan Superfly 2


So after my business trip in Kentucky, I had the luxury of embarking on a side trip to California to visit some of my other relatives before heading home. I was able to pick the Superfly 2’s up in some random store at a mall in California for around 80 dollars. I wanted to try out the Unlocked Zoom Air and the Flight plate System that Jordan brand had been touting with their newest signature model, which at the time was the Air Jordan XX8. This was the younger brother, the one being advertised and endorsed by Blake Griffin. I also didn’t want to wear out my Lebron XI’s too quickly, so this was a nice pair to alternate out with when playing on the court.


The Flight plate system is kind of like a series of plates that are placed to help ‘unlock’ the Zoom Air unit placed underfoot all while providing stability and support. There is also the dynamic fit system in place, which are those straps that help lace you up. They work great, and the upper is made of a mixture of fuse and mesh, and while it has little give and doesn’t really break in, it is very supportive and holds up real well.


The iconic Jumpman on the back. This Black and red, otherwise known as Bred colorway, is real simple and looks really great on the court. A real good color combination. The heel notch pillow on the back helps on the fit of the shoe as well.


This is the main selling point of the shoe. This is the outsole, and you can see the aggressive, multi-directional herringbone pattern. It really grips to the floor and provides great traction. But if you can also see that rectangular piece that juts out, that is the Zoom Air unit. It is Nike technology that provides a low-profile, yet responsive and bouncy feel under foot. Jordan Brand uses the Flight Plate to help ‘unlock’ the Zoom Air, providing even more bounce and springiness underfoot while running and placing pressure on it. While playing in these, I could really feel the bounciness of the Zoom Air unit, and it really showed.

A highly solid basketball shoe, and one that doesn’t look all that bad. If you can find these at a discount at your local outlet, definitely give them a try! They feature some of the latest performance basketball technology, all at a good price. Since the Superfly 3 released a few months back, you should be able to find some of these for a discount!

4.) Adidas ZX Flux


Adidas really stepped up their game this year. Kanye West, as well as some of the other designers and influencers moved over to the Three Stripes, and it really strengthened their presence in the sneaker world. One of their successes this year was the introduction of the Adidas ZX Flux, an updated version of some of their retro ZX models. It features a simple minimalistic silhouette, with a mesh upper. There are so many colorways and options for these, but I got the mainly all black one, again for that wearability factor. I got these in Langham Place in Hong Kong around June 2014, when I went with my best friends on an epic trip, which I have yet to blog, and will probably be another backlog post for later. Ha!


It features the torsion system, which is basically a shank plate underfoot that provides protection and stability, and it has that nice little yellow ornament there, along with red laces to give it a pop. This also comes with black laces, when I want to tone down the lock in an otherwise all black colorway. The three stripes infused on the side are also really nice.


The fit is superb on these! That plastic heel counter on the back is really nice, and provides a really great fit to the shoe. Adidas have done a really good job at providing an updated version to some of their classic retro runners.


The mesh featured on the Adidas ZX Flux is of really high quality, and is holding up much better than my Roshe Runs. These are also pretty affordable, and are available in many colorways and options. Initially, on the HK trip, I was looking for another pair of Adidas shoes, but since the one I was looking for weren’t available, I had to settle with these as the runner-up. But after countless wears over time, I just grew to love them more and more. Definitely one of the better releases this year. Again, something I would suggest that you check out for an everyday wearable staple.

5.) Adidas Pure Boost Reveal


These were the pair of shoes I was looking for in Hong Kong. The Adidas Pure Boost, which features Adidas’ latest technology, the Boost Foam. I had a friend who was coming home from the U.S., so I asked for a favor and had her bring it home. Got these in October 2014. These kind of look like Roshe Runs, but they definitely have a different feel and over-all impression in my book.


Certain parts of the shoe such as the heel and the tongue feature a synthetic suede material called Tirennina, which was a nice addition to the shoe and gave it more character. Peep the Adidas logo on the back too.


This is the reveal colorway, so it had a bit of mixture of white and black on the upper, for a weird stretchy material. It didn’t fit the best, but that’s probably because I have a really wide foot. There might be some people who might enjoy this stretchy, spandex like material, but personally, it wasn’t really the best for me. But they are durable, and they’ve held up real nicely. There are also fuse overlays on the toe and reinforced on the laces, providing more durability over the long run.


The creme de la creme or the piece de resistance, the patented Adidas Boost Foam on the midsole. It might look weird to some, even looking like styrofoam, but this is full length, and it feels just freaking awesome. It feels like walking on pillows, and that is not an understatement. Try walking for a few hours on these, and then transitioning into any other pair of shoes, the difference is night and day. Adidas have also implemented the Boost Foam in some of their runners, so for those of you who love to run, these will offer that bounce back and great impact protection. The Adidas Pure Boost is a shoe that is easy to wear and put on, and I would highly recommend that you check them out. I didn’t really love the upper on these, since the spandex type material turned me off, but these were just amazing to walk around in with that full length Boost Foam. A must try and a game changer for the years to come.

6.) Nike Dunk Hi SB Premium YOTH


This was a pair of Nike SB Dunk Hi’s that I saw back in January, but decided not to get. This was the special Year of the Horse (YOTH) edition for Chinese New Year. Nike SB has some really great themes and colorways, and this was no exception. Call me a hypebeast again, but these pair of all red kicks just screamed at me. Doesn’t matter that these will get the reference to the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers, it is still a beautiful shoe in its own right. Also got these in a steal! Was just walking around at the Nike Factory Store in Lapu-Lapu around November 2014, then I saw these for sale at 45% off. Crazy! I knew I had to get them before they were gone, so I just copped them then and there. Probably steal of the year for me!

Take a look at these crazy kicks, mostly all red with some hints of gold. Just a beautiful pair of kicks, with premium leathers and materials. A really, really great execution for sure!


This is my first pair of Nike Dunk SB Hi’s, and that back tab portion is just beautiful. Look at the close up, you can really see the quality of the different materials used, both the suede and the smooth leather. The gold inner lining is also pretty smooth and adds pop to the shoe.


The red swoosh with the gold outline, as well as the red laces and red tongue, what is not to love about this shoe? The Nike patch in red with the gold text, it’s just beautiful. Of course, it’s not an everyday wearable shoe, but then again, it’s nice to bring out and wear during parties or special occasions. Who knows, I might just rock them this Chinese New Year. Ha!


Another part I love about this shoe is the outsole. It’s a clear transluscent bottom, with gold speckles inside. Peep the Nike SB hit on the middle portion in red. Gorgeous detailing, and one of the best releases from Nike SB this year. I am so glad I was able to get a pair. Materials are top notch, the colorway and inspiration of the shoe is really fresh, and the silhouette of the Nike Dunk Hi SB is just another timeless classic. Definitely pleased with this pick-up.

And there we have it! Those were all the sneaker pick-ups for me in 2014. Collecting sneakers to wear is a hobby of mine, and it’s just nice to be able to get some deals and steals and pick up some of these shoes on discount. There were some that I paid full retail on and it was worth every penny. Some people collect cars, some people collect watches, I just happen to collect kicks. 2014 was a great year in terms of shoes, and I hope 2015 will be even better. I’m slowing down on the sneaker purchases, and you’ll know why in a later post, but I’m sure I’ll still pick up a pair or two that I really like this year.

Until next time,



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