Fat Cow Burgers & Malts

Hey, everyone!

It is now officially the year 2015. 2014 was definitely a crazy year, and it went by so fast. One of the things I regret was ignoring this blog and leaving it to die on the sidewalk.

Sometimes, that writer’s block, also known as plain laziness, just kicked in and it hit real bad. I had tons of stuff I wanted to share throughout the year like new food places, new gadget and sneaker pick-ups, as well as other adventures and random experiences, but I just never found the time to sit down and actually get to it. But I’m back!

Now that it’s 2015, I think it’s time for a change. Now, I’m not going to promise that I’m going to be super active and blog everyday, but I’m going to try my best to get back into it, slowly but surely. If there’s anything interesting worth blogging, I’ll definitely share it with you guys. Also maybe throw in a few throwback posts from 2014.

Now, it was Christmas Day, and me and my parents just went out and visited some of their closest friends, dropping some gifts and greetings. We also went around the nearby mall, and almost decided to go home, then I heard of this new burger place in Banilad Town Center. It was called Fat Cow Burgers & Malts, and it really intrigued me, so I told them that we go check it out.


It’s an outdoor area underneath the stairs, right on the ground floor, where the Burrito Bar used to be. It’s on the left side of BTC, and is nearby Rustan’s Supermarket & Yellow Cab. You can’t miss it. It’s a quaint little area, but the place is really nice, and they’ve got around 7-8 tables, as well as the counter top where you can also choose to have your grub.


You pay in advance, and you pick up your order from the table, or they can serve it to you. The owner of Fat Cow also owns the Mexican restaurant right beside it, which is Pueblo Mexicano. So if you wish to eat with the luxury of air conditioning, you can have your food served at Pueblo Mexicano, you just have to pay a bit of extra. I was with my parents, so we availed their senior citizen discount. 32% off the bill is no joke! Major savings right there! Kidding aside, it was just nice that there was that little incentive as we get older.



Here is their menu. Of course, Fat Cow Burger & Malts servers burgers, as well as drinks and desserts. If you’re looking for sandwiches and salads, you will be severely disappointed. Their menu has a lot of choices in terms of ingredients to go with your burger. Lots of variety for sure. If you like cheese, or a double patty, or pineapple, or chili, or some other condiment add-ons, it’s all there. They also pair their burgers with the best sidekick there is, french fries. It also comes in different flavors. Also, with each burger you order, you can choose to make it a combo meal by adding PHP 100.00. They also have a Burger of the Month, which you can check out. They are priced well for what it’s worth.

They’ve got some softdrinks, some beers and some iced tea and lemonade options. We didn’t order any dessert, but I might try their milkshake and ice cream cookie sandwich next time.

They grill all their burgers and it is 100% premium beef! You have the option of going with white bread or going healthy with the wheat bread. Personally, if I wanted to eat healthy, I wouldn’t have gone to this place, but it’s nice that there is a bit of an option, all in all. It arrives hot and toasty after about 10 minutes or so.






We ordered the Pineapple Teriyaki Burger and the Holy Cow! U.S. Angus Burger. As you can expect, the Pineapple Teriyaki Burger had a slab of pineapple and that generous Teriyaki sauce. It was a bit too sweet for my liking, and although I really like pineapples, I don’t really like it with my burgers. The Holy Cow! U.S. Angus Burger however, was delicious! Grilled just right, and served hot, each bite was a delectable slab of beef, mixed with tomato, lettuce, mustard and ketchup, and it was heavenly! Tasted real good. A good old fashioned grilled burger. Nothing like the fastfood burgers, which taste too processed for my liking. This really hit home!

The fries are stored in these tin cans, which remind me of the containers you use to make Leche Flan. It was really good too! Traditional in taste, cut in bigger cut pieces than your regular McDonald’s fries, and just a hint of salt. Delicious to pair with your burger and coke!


All in all, that satisfied smile from me and my parents says it all. Selfie game on point! Fat Cow Burger & Malts has a tried and tested formula that works. 100% Premium beef that is grilled to perfection, with quality condiments and ingredients, and really good french fries as a fitting companion. It is competitively priced relative to the other burger places like Burger Joint & Flame It, as you can enjoy a full meal for under PHP 300.00. This gets my stamp of approval!

If you get a chance and stop by BTC, definitely get a burger from Fat Cow, it’s well worth it!

Contact them at (032) 511-4028 and give your taste buds a treat.

Until next time! I’ll catch you on the next blog post.



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