Dining at Ulli’s Streets of Asia

Hey, everyone!

Back with another post, this time it’s a little look and review at one of the newer restaurants in Ayala’s New Wing Extension. If you haven’t been to the new wing of Ayala yet, you should definitely check it out, as it is very nice to just stroll around and do some window shopping. Have to congratulate the designers and architects on that project, it just looks beautiful from the outside all the way to the inside.


This outdoor area in the new wing connects to the movie theaters and has the restaurants and cafes. It’s a beautiful area!


Ulli’s Streets of Asia is the latest venture from the Cafe Laguna group, who have brought you Cafe Laguna Garden, Lemongrass and U Kitchen. This is their latest concept, which features streetfoods of Asia from different cultures such as Japan, China, and anything Asian inspired.


The reservation line was really long! You’ve got like full tables and 5-6 groups waiting for their turn. It was a really hectic few days for their soft opening.


They’ve got some peanuts dipped in a sauce or oil as a free appetizer while waiting, which is a nice touch when waiting for your order. Using chopsticks on this made you feel like you were starting the street food experience right.


We’ve got an order of some pork done kawali style called Siu Yuk, with the crispy skin on top, and some pickled vegetables on the side.


I believe this was the Singaporean chicken wings accompanied by Nori rice. I like how they charred the chicken wings up a bit, and this tasted real good. Affordable platter as well, and you can order an extra chicken wing if you want to.


This was like a Katsudon type of dish, with that crispy pork cutlet along with rice and vegetables. This tasted delicious in my opinion!


Some of the pictures were taken by my phone, so excuse the poor quality. This was fish balls in broth. A good starter for the meal. Don’t forget to add some spice or soy!


This is the Yang Chow or Fried Rice.


Here we have the Char Siu, or Chinese Pork Roast. This tasted good!


We also had some fresh fruit mixers and coolers. These are super healthy, no sugar, and they taste really fresh! A blended mix of all kinds of fruits, served in this awesome glass.



There is also a take out counter for their desserts, such as chocolate and yoghurt.


Had the Yoghurt for dessert. At PHP 55.00 per serving, this was very generous. It tasted real good too! Tangy and delightful as far as I’m concerned.



Including a picture I got of their menu. It’s reasonably priced when eating out, and the experience of the different street foods in Asia is a unique concept. Lots of choices as well, so you have lots of options.




All in all, I think it was definitely a good concept for a restaurant. The food is great, it’s affordable, and lets you try a slice of the different cultures from our neighboring Asian countries. It’s also a nice fit for the new wing extension in Ayala, as I’m sure when more restaurants open, it’ll invite more people to dine and eat. I definitely recommend that you try it out, and have your Asian street food experience!

As usual, please feel free to drop a comment if you have any questions or concerns. You can check out their Facebook page here. Their contact number for reservations is 0932-260-2486. They’re open Monday-Sunday starting from lunch all the way up to around 11 PM, and I hear that they’ll extend up to 2 AM once the movie theaters also extend their hours.

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4 thoughts on “Dining at Ulli’s Streets of Asia

  1. hey. i was just wonndering whether an order of their tori bbq, which costs about 150 on their menu posted on fb, already includes rice or should u have to separately make an order for a cup of rice ? thank you

    1. Hi, Abi! The Angus Tori for PHP 185.00 already has a cup of rice. However, the Tori Tori Platter or the Combi Pork Platter doesn’t have rice, so you’ll have to order that separately. :)

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