Driver’s License Renewal at LTO SM City Cebu

Hey, guys! How’s it been going? Here’s another late post. Just turned 22 *Cue T. Swift song* last September 4, and that also meant I had to renew my driver’s license. So, I went to the LTO Office in SM City Cebu.

My sister dropped me off at around 9:30. I waited outside the entrance near Radisson Blu. All this time, I was thinking it was near VECO! I was actually on the opposite side! It’s advisable if you go at around 9 or so, so you can be first in line going in the entrance. Remember to line up at the entrance near APM Mall.

Even if I was on the wrong side, there were already a bunch of people waiting outside. About 20 people at 9:45, so I assume there were more people on the correct entrance.


At exactly 10, the guards let people in, and it was a mad dash! I realized my mistake when I got to VECO, and ran to LTO after I got some directions. It’s actually on the third floor, below where the Bowling Center is, and is a stone’s throw from Slimmers World Gym.


When I got there, I was already No. 53 in line. To think, I was there at 10:05 AM! I’m glad, because after around 15 minutes, the line swelled up to about 150 people. It was kind of crazy.


Took some pictures and some random snapshots, since information was just posted and scattered around. As you can read from above, the LTO Renewal Office is open from 10AM-6PM Monday to Fridays, and they don’t stop for a noon break.


The first step in renewing your license is to get your medical exam. The LTO certified clinic is named HLO. It used to be that you needed to pay a pretty penny for the medical portion since you needed a urine sample for a drug test, but now, you just need to pay PHP 100.00 for the basic medical exam and to surrender your old Driver’s License. The picture below shows that you need to pay PHP 450.00, but that’s the old chart.


If you guys aren’t in a rush, I really suggest that you go get your medical exam and driver’s license renewal in the afternoon, at around 3-4, as there are less people at that time. So if time isn’t an issue, by all means, go in the late afternoon.





After you pay at the counter on the left, you will be given a priority number and a form to fill up. This form is actually your form for the LTO driver’s license renewal, and after the medical exam, they will attach the clearance to it. You will be waiting again. There is an indicator flashing red the corresponding priority number, which is kind of convenient. SM also has free Wi-Fi for around an hour, and it’s fast enough for you to check your Twitter, FB or load a few Instagram pictures. Take note that they will prioritize the Senior Citizens, so even if you are priority number 1-50, they will still get a batch or two of Senior Citizens and let them take the medical exam first. This is mainly what caused my wait at the medical exam for about 2 hours. It also lagged on because the 2nd doctor (there are two of them, and one nurse) was late in arriving.

After waiting, my priority number was flashing. I gave it to the nurse, and she took my weight and height. The doctor got my blood pressure, asked a few questions about my health, and it all seemed pretty routine. Under 3-4 minutes, and I was cleared!


So after being cleared on the medical exam, I handed my form to this guy on a desk at the right side. This is the actual LTO Driver’s License Renewal Center, as the space next to it was the HLO Medical Clinic. After the guy gets your form, he will fill in some information, and you will again be asked to wait. It’s a good thing there are chairs at both the clinic and the renewal center, but it is really lacking for the amount of people that go everyday.


After about another hour waiting, you will go to counter 1 and your picture will be taken and you’ll be asked to sign your digital signature on their table, and then you will be asked to wait again. Take note that there is no priority number or flashing indicator this time, they just shout out your last name, so you just have to listen attentively.


After about 10 minutes, you go to counter 3, and will be asked to pay! Now, if you didn’t get the penalty, which means that you renew your license before your birthday (your license expires on your birthday) you will be asked to pay a total of PHP 418.00. If you have your license renewed after the expiry date, you will be paying PHP 493.00. The penalty is up to 1 day up to 1 year, which means that, given that my birthday is on September 4, even if I renewed on September 5 or even 5-6 months after my birthday, I’d still pay PHP 493.00.

After about 10 more minutes, the guy will call your name, and you go to counter 4, and they hand you your brand new driver’s license!


I spent about a total time of around 3 hours and 30 minutes before I got my license. Maybe there were just a lot of people today, and that doctor being late also delayed things, but I heard that the usual time is about 2 hours tops. Maybe it’d also help if you just go in the late afternoon, where it’s non-peak hours.

So, that about wraps it up about my experience in renewing my driver’s license at the LTO Renewal Center in SM City Cebu.

Here are some tips for you guys:

  • Go early at about 9-9:30 so you’ll be first in line outside the mall. Wait at the entrance across APM mall so that you’ll be one of the first people there. Don’t forget that it’s a mad dash to the 3rd floor when the guards let people in!
  • Don’t forget to bring your old driver’s license and a ballpen. They won’t need any other documents aside from your old license. The ballpen is so that you can fill up the form.
  • Bring PHP 100.00 for the medical exam, and PHP 418.00 for the actual renewal fee. It’s PHP 493.00 if you’re expecting to pay the penalty fee. So bring about PHP 700.00 just to be safe.
  • There is a digitized board that indicates the priority number at the clinic, but when you actually get to the renewal center, they just shout out the last name of the person, so you have to be more attentive, otherwise they will skip you.
  • Just be patient. It’ll all be over with soon!

That’s it! If you have any questions or clarifications, I’ll be glad to answer them in the comments section. If this post helped you out, leave a comment!

Until next time,


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31 thoughts on “Driver’s License Renewal at LTO SM City Cebu

      1. Ask ko lng po if anung gagawin kapag accidentaly nabali po yung license ko?kukuha po ba ako ng panibagung license or mag renew nlng or ano po ba gagawin ko?pls.rply asap po..salamat..

  1. Hi does drug test still needed this time? As I heard if you citations before you will have to pay for that first before you can renew, is this true?

  2. Thank u for this post. I renewed my license in under 30 min i arrived at lto sm around 5:20pm. Phew that was close. Wat kept me thinkin ryt now is that they asked 400 pesos from me. They let me take the urine exam. When in fact the urine exam for renewal of license is alreay been abolished. Tsk3 i think im gonna complain

    1. I’m not sure if it’s been abolished, or if they randomly require urine tests in like 1 every 100 persons. Not sure about it, but this is just what I heard. I’m glad you were able to renew your license in such a quick amount of time!

      1. Actually they abolished the drug test for a few months but made it a requirement once again afterwards due to many accidents. I think Michael took it when it was removed as a requirement and Snakedoc renew his license when they placed it back as a requirement. :-)

  3. Hi, Is LTO cebu will process Driver’s License Certification Letter? I want to get the certification as this will be requirement for me to be able to get a drivers license in Canada…

  4. My work is at 8AM-4PM, I went there yesterday (June 16) and arrived at about 4:20 PM. Because of the long queue or large volume of people, they decided to cut it off earlier than usual. They suggested I will take the medical exam first so that the following day before I come back, I will just have to proceed to LTO for the requirements. My question is now based on the P100 SERVICE FEE that they charged me with on top of the P100 medical exam fee. I was not able to look around and check for that signage stating such amounts. The receptionist was not accommodating at all and lacked explanation as to what the “service fee” was for, although I was not able to ask ’cause I was in a hurry to buy a birthday cake for my friend. I will return within 3 days.

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