Let the busy times roll!

I’m writing this from the office right now. Both Facebook and YouTube are blocked, but good thing that Twitter, Instagram and WordPress aren’t blocked by the system.

Since I took up work last July 29, I haven’t really had time to post much stuff. It’s been a busy time for me, and it’s been both exciting and challenging. As I type, it is officially my 1st month here at work! Monthsary? Har-har.


I’m invigorated and rearing to go. Everything has offered me a change of pace and environment, and I’m taking it all in. I’ve seen that stuff in school like theories doesn’t necessarily apply in the workplace, and we’ve all got to develop different skill sets.

So please bear the lack of posts, eventually I’ll get back to posting, as blogging really is a passion I will always have with me. I’m still learning the ways and means of the system, and hopefully, I’ll get back to the grind and posting regular content.

I’m really happy that the traffic on the site has increased considerably, amounting to about 110-150 views per day, with around 70-90 unique visitors. This may be a small amount to some, but for me, that’s humongous! Really happy with the support.

So, expect some content soon, wish me a happy monthsary here at work, and let’s get the good times rolling!

Until next time,



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