A review of the Reebok SL211 Ultralite

One more pair of shoes to review for a while. This is another gift from my relatives living abroad. Really, really blessed to be given these gifts. Another pair that will be put to good use as well! We’re taking a look at a pair of casual everyday shoes, the Reebok SL211 Ultralite.


These are a pair of casual lifestyle mid-cut shoes by Reebok. I’ve never actually had a pair of casual lifestyle shoes from Reebok, as I only bought basketball shoes before, but they also have these kind of shoes in their line! It’s very lightweight, and looks pretty darn stylish to boot! Let’s get a close up look on the details.


It has a high abrasion rubber outsole. The outsole is also non-marking. As you can see, it’s mostly white, with a black rubber patch with the Reebok wording on the heel portion. The traction pattern is made up of these hexagons, some just outlined, some filled in, and one huge polygon shape in the forefoot area. It’s a pretty unique looking design, and the type of rubber used grips on to the floor just fine.


The midsole is Reebok’s 3D Ultralite, which is very lightweight. You don’t feel the plushness of it, as it is kind of just firm, but it feels very stable. It’s about an inch or so off the ground.


The toebox is made up of that textile material in an olive/gray make-up with a design that looks like a wire fence, with suede leather overlays providing support and extra durability in those high wear areas. The textile material is prone to creasing, but breaking them in should be no problem, as they conform to your foot very well. Wide footers should take note though, as this shoe is a bit narrow.


Going up from the toebox, the tongue is mesh in the same olive/gray color. We’ve got these purple laces with hints of black in the design, and we’ve got a design on the uppermost region of the tongue which has the wording Reebok in white with a big purple R, which looks pretty nice.


These do come with extra laces in that gray/olive color, so if you want something more tame, you can rock these extra laces. I actually preferred these gray laces, so the shoe would look cleaner, but it’s all a matter of preference. I’ll try to post a picture of the shoes with the gray laces on when I can update this post.


Going up to the sides of the shoe, we can see that there is more of that mixture of the textile material and the suede overlays. They feature that Reebok side panel design on a lot of their other shoes, which frankly remind me of ASICS and Onitsuka, but that’s how it is. The two toned gray and olive work together, being rounded out by a clean white midsole.


On the upper side panel, on the medial side (inside), we’ve got the small lettering of SL 211 in purple. Just a little nice added touch to the shoe.


The back heel is another suede overlay material, with some rigidity to it, providing some support to the heel. Stitching is that same gray and olive color.


The inside lining is that gray and olive, but it’s of that mesh material. You can see that there are holes that are like reflective silver. I used flash for this shot to put emphasis on it. It’s pretty comfortable, as the sides are padded sufficiently. The insole is that grey with the Reebok wording in purple.



This shoe is very good for a lifestyle model, it’s lightweight, appealing, and the laces can be switched out to make it pop or make it look subtle. The materials used are forgiving, comfortable and very well done. Just be reminded that they do run a bit narrow. That textile and suede work well together. The over-all design is very clean, and the mid-cut of the shoe sets it off very well, and can be worn with shorts and pants.

If you’re looking for a simple everyday shoe that is easy to slip on and feels very light, this would be a good option. You can match it up with a lot of colors as it’s basically all gray/olive with those slight purple hits. That white midsole also finishes the over-all look of the shoe. I would recommend that you check these shoes out.

Please drop a comment below in the comments section if you have any inquiries or questions. I’ll be glad to answer them as best as I can.

So that pretty much wraps it up.

Until next time,



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