A review of the Nike Lightweight Shoe Wallet II

Hey, guys! Today, we’re looking at a pick-up that was actually a gift from my cousin. He knows that I’m into running and the whole healthy living thing, so he got me this simple accessory that is actually very, very handy. We’re going to take a look at the second version of Nike’s Lightweight Shoe Wallet.


This is priced at around PHP 400.00-500.00 depending on where you buy it from. There are various colors to this shoe wallet, but my particular pair is predominantly black.


It comes in the standard Nike packaging. Not much else to it, since it is an accessory and all.


The front of the Wallet has some basic designs on it. You’ve got that embroidered Nike Swoosh in white on the upper left portion. Then cutting across is a thick gray line going from top to bottom. Then we’ve got an assortment of lines in silver, intersecting with one another. It’s a very simple design, but it also looks appealing.


This is the back of the wallet. You can see the latch where it will clip with the shoe, over the laces.


Opening up the wallet, we’ve got a velcro patch and a stretchable storage compartment. The wallet is made up of neoprene, spandex, nylon, canvass and other stretchable materials. But the storage space is very limited. You can fit some bills, an I.D. card and some loose change. You can’t fit your Smartphone, iPhone, regular sized cellphone or your iPod Classic or iPod Touch.  But it can fit the iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. So do keep this in mind.


On the other side of the velcro patch, we’ve got this grey identification strip that has two information lines for name and contact number. Useful touch.


Lastly, this is how the shoe wallet fits on your shoes. This is my beat-up pair of Nike Lunarglide 4’s, but it doesn’t need to be Nike for this to work, obviously. As long as your running shoe has laces, this’ll work. You just clip the latch over 3-4 sections over the laces in the upright manner, and it’ll be a secure fit. It’s not heavy on foot, and you won’t really feel it on your foot when you’re running. It might look a bit awkward on your foot, but at least you can go running without having to place stuff in your pockets.

All in all, this is a nifty little accessory. For your phones, if you’re pairing it with earphones for music, you still would prefer the strap that you place on your bicep. But for carrying loose change, identification and some other little valuables, this will definitely fit the bill, all in one small and stylish package.

If you have any questions or inquiries, please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at michaelbriantina@yahoo.com.

Until next time,



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