A review of the GEOX Respira

Another review we’ve got lined up is another personal gift from one of my relatives. I’ve been really blessed to have gotten these gifts from my relatives, and I will be sure to put them to good use. These are a pair of smart casual dress shoes, the GEOX Respira.


This shoe is made up of an all brown leather upper, which has a tumbled texture and feels very nice on foot. It’s made by GEOX, an Italian brand who manufactures shoes and apparel.


Starting with the outsole, we’ve got this dark brown rubber compound. In the arch, We’ve got a separate rubber piece that sort of acts like a shank that gives some torsional support, and has the GEOX branding on it. As for the forefoot and heel, they’ve got the same traction pattern which is like bridges or links forming together, which perforations in the forefoot. But, to a bit of a disappointment, the type of rubber they used attracts a lot of dust, making it a bit slippery, and thus losing some traction. Wiping will solve this, but it definitely loses some of its grip on usual floor surfaces.



We’ve got a loafer or moccasin construction on this shoe, as with typical loafers. You can see it on the off-white stitching, and the stretchable and elastic strip on the midfoot, instead of laces. We’ve got the words GEOX inscribed on the upper as well.


We’ve got that same brown leather on the back heel, with the off-white stitching complimenting. Now, the rubber outsole extends all the way, revealing some more GEOX branding. I was expecting that the heel would be sturdier with a cardboard or plastic support along the leather, but surprisingly, there isn’t any support in the heel.


The insole and lining is brown, with the GEOX Respira text in gold. It also says Italian Patent along with the sizing of the shoe. This shoe has a thin insole, and it coupled with a very thin midsole, the shoe ends up very low to the ground. The heel area still has some height in the midsole, but in the forefoot area, you can actually feel the ground due to the midsole being so thin!




All in all, if you’re looking for a simple smart casual type of shoe, this could be a good option. The cream midsole, brown leather upper and off-white stitching all end up making the shoe look very tame and appropriate for office attire. It looks very clean. If you prefer a low to the ground feel with minimal cushion, this is also good. But for those of you looking for more cushioning in your everyday go-to office shoe, I suggest you look at something with some more cushioning, like Rockport shoes that have Adidas Adiprene and Cole Haan shoes that have Nike Air Technology. Both these brands will offer more cushioning if you expect to be walking a lot.

Well, that concludes the review on the GEOX Respira. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or inquiries.

Until next time,



2 thoughts on “A review of the GEOX Respira

  1. This review isn’t much helpful for me. I was looking for opinion about the Geox Respira technology, but you only described general look of the shoes. How does Respira work for you comparing to regular shoes?

    1. Hi! Sorry if it wasn’t as helpful for you. I kind of got these as a gift, but I didn’t really like the style. Ended up selling them after 2-3 uses. Couldn’t find anything really out of the ordinary with the Geox Respira.

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