A review of the Nike Flex Supreme TR

My dad got this new pair of trainers for the gym, so I thought I’d give it a short review. Nike has been bringing out a lot of shoes for all different kinds of sports and lifestyles, it’s been crazy at the amount of models and series that they’ve had. This time, it’s the cross trainer known as the Nike Flex Supreme TR.


It comes with the standard orange Nike box with the white Swoosh in the middle. Nothing fancy here.


The tag says ‘Nike Flex Supreme TR’ where TR stands for trainer or cross trainer. It’s in sz US 10.5. The colorway is black/mettalic silver/anthracite/atomic teal. Nike has all these fancy colorways, but you’ll see how simple the shoe really is.


Here’s how they look out of the box!



Starting with the outsole, they’ve got this phylon/phylite outsole in green with the rubber traction pods in black, both in the forefoot and heel. They’ve placed these rubber traction pods in a spiky herringbone pattern of sorts, and it’s placed where your foot usually strikes the ground, which is that heel and forefoot area. This outsole also features Nike Flex, which is basically the flex grooves or segmented areas in black with lines where it gives your foot that free range of motion and flexibility. There is also that triangle pod in the heel, which I think is some sort of foam for compression, but I’m not totally sure if it’s actually there for performance or just for aesthetics.


The midsole/outsole is mixed into those two parts of black and green, which is a phylon/phylite mold, which is basically EVA or the usual cushioning sports brand have been placing into their shoes for the longest time now. There are also those vertical lines for that aesthetic look. The green is minty, which kind of reminds me of an Easter colorway.


Along the toebox, you can see that part of the outsole where there is that textured Nike Swoosh. Then there’s a black suede as the mudguard, with black stitching as well. Then on most of the upper and on the toebox, you’ve got that engineered mesh, which is very flexible and very breathable.


Along the sides, we’ve got different type of leathers used here. We’ve got that synthetic on the left side with the scaly texture on it, and we’ve got another type of smooth synthetic leather with the triangles or Y’s which kind of remind me of the Kobe logo. There is that metallic silver Nike Swoosh which is very prominent there as well. I also forgot to mention that the rubber pods on the outsole, those two black traction pods, also extend a bit outside of the shoe, serving as lateral outriggers, which basically just gives you more stability along the sides. Both sides of the shoe (medial and lateral) both have the same design.


On the back portion, you can see more of that engineered mesh (the one with the holes in it!) peeking through. Same as on the front, you can see that Nike Swoosh logo placed in the rubber on the back heel. Then we’ve got that big reflective silver branding of an all caps ‘NIKE’ which really tells you this is a product from Nike! And on top, there is this really nice quality black leather at the ankle area which has nice quality and is really plush.


Along the tongue, we’ve got fat black laces into this adaptive fit type of lacing system. It’s not your usual lacing system, as it uses that stitched in material and acts as a lace loop. The tongue is black and is more of that engineered mesh. This gives you that secure fit along the forefoot and midfoot.


Then on top of the tongue, we’ve got a very thin tongue that has ‘NIKE’ in that metallic silver. There’s basically no padding on this tongue, as you can see.


We’ve got a black inner lining, and it’s somewhat padded along the sides and along the sculpted heel.



We’ve got a FITSOLE insole used in that minty green color with the white text. It’s actually pretty thin as well.


Now, when trying on this shoe, it really gives off this minimal feel to it. It’s super flexible, super breathable and you feel light on your feet. It’s also low to the ground as the cushioning is very bare. The actual materials used, that synthetic leather and engineered mesh all work together in making this feel like something of the Nike Free series, especially with the flex grooves of the outsole giving you that flexibility.

Due to the materials used, they will expand, meaning that these fit a half size big. So if I were you, you should get these shoes in a size 1/2 smaller than your regular shoe size.


All in all, these are a very comfortable pair of cross trainers for the gym or everyday use. They’re comfortable, breathable, flexible and feel super light. The lacing system and the materials used also give you a good fit and lockdown, but it will eventually expand, so look to get it a half size smaller. But I would not recommend these for people who run, jog or do strenuous sports and need proper cushioning for the shins and knees. These look very clean, and have that right amount of pop with the silver Nike branding and the minty green outsole. So, do check them out if you need a lightweight pair of shoes for the gym or for general everyday errands.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Keep checking the page for more reviews, adventures, posts and rants!

Until next time,



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