A review of the Nike Airmax Correlate.

Hey, guys! I’ve got another review. My sister came back from their US trip, and they got me a pair of the Nike Airmax Correlates. It was either this or a pair of Nike Hyperdunk 2012’s, and I didn’t really need another hoop shoe, so I opted for the casual shoes instead.


You’ve got your regular Nike Sportswear Box in brown. It’s actually the first time I’ve owned this box as you usually just get the orange boxes. There are logos printed ever so slightly on the box.


I got it in size 10, and it was on a bit of a sale since they went to an outlet store. As you can see on the tag, the colorway is Obsidian/Cool Grey/Sport Grey/Team Orange.


So these are how the shoes look straight out of the box! You can see the obsidian or dark blue is predominant on the shoe, with the team orange on the tongue and that gray on the swoosh and lining. These sort of remind me of the Nike Airmax 90’s or 1’s but with a different style to it too.



The outsole of the shoe is made of rubber, and it’s mostly that dark blue that is consistent on the upper of the shoe. It has that line pattern on the back and front, and there are hits of yellow as well. There is also the Nike Air branding on the middle portion, followed up by the waffle pattern on the forefoot area.



The midsole of this shoe is that white with the yellow portion surrounding the air unit. The air unit used is pretty bulgy and has a high volume of air inside of it. There are also those blue rubber line sections going to the front side of the shoe. When trying these on, they actually make you taller, since the midsole  at the heel area is pretty thick.


Up on the toebox, you can see that mesh is used. The mudguard is made up of this leather material that has this distinct pattern and texture on it, and stitching is in that same colors, so the shoe is very clean looking, with only some hits of loud colors on certain areas.


Here’s where you can see the distinct pattern on that leather on the front end of the toebox.



On the medial and lateral (inside and outside) side of the shoe, you can see that grey Nike Swoosh. If you look closely, it has this dotted pattern on it, and I think subtle details like that totally add to the shoe. It also bulges out a bit since it’s a bit padded.


Up on the tongue, we’ve got a standard lacing system with navy blue laces. There is also that small Nike Swoosh up at the front in that team orange color, which makes it pop ever so slightly.


Then on the top of the tongue, you can see the team orange Nike Air branding stitched on there, which looks pretty cool.



On the back, you can see the air unit as it’s visible. I think it’s pretty cool that they made it into like these chambers where the air unit is visible on the sides and on the back, but encapsulated of sorts. This feature is sort of unique to this shoe only, as you don’t see it on other Airmax models as far as I know. You can also see that rubber patch on the back with the Nike Air branding still in that team orange.


We’ve got a grey inner lining, with a grey insole with the size tag and that yellow Nike Swoosh. The padding on the tongue, sides and heel is sculpted very well and it is very think and plush, which is nice!


After trying these shoes on, I knew that they had a bit of break in time as you still have to break in the air unit in the back. That mesh upper in the front is very snug and has that nice containment and fit around your foot. It’s true to size, but ever so slightly narrow, so you should definitely try them on before purchasing them.


The air unit in the back really does compress, and it feels nice when you stomp on your heel. You have to lace these up tight, but they fit real nice once you do. These look great with shorts, for that everyday look as it’s very clean, but just has a hint of loudness with the yellow and orange.


Overall, I’m very happy with this gift from my sister. It fits real nice and is pretty comfortable with the heel air unit known to the Airmax series. It also adds height to your posture, which is an added bonus. Like I said, an everyday wearable shoe which also manages to stand out a bit with the very nice color combinations.

If you have any questions or comments, please let me know and drop a comment below. As always, I’ll try to upload more content and reviews as we go along. I just recently hit 50,000 views, so I was really happy about that. Thanks for the support. Try to check back the page as I’ll try to update as best as I can.

So until next time,



2 thoughts on “A review of the Nike Airmax Correlate.

    1. these were the shoes that people in the past used for athletic activity, so I don’t see why not. they have good cushion, but the design feels a bit bulky for sports when comparing it to today’s performance models. But I do believe these would be better for general activity than dress shoes.

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