A review of the Nike Airmax 90 (Replica)

Hey, guys!

This is another look at another recent pick-up I got, a replica pair of the Airmax 90 in this blue/white/grey make-up. I got it from Dunkshoes Pinoy since they were having a sale, and I got it at a steal! PHP 800.00 shipped! It was blue, in my size, and I always wanted to try rocking a pair of Airmax 90’s, so I couldn’t resist! Deposited the money and got it via LBC 2 days later. Very convenient with the tracking of your order. Anyway, if you want to get replica/class AAA kicks, you should check the page out.


Now, if you were to get this on a regular price for a replica, expect to pay PHP 1,600.00-2,500.00 on an average basis. I was happy when I got my pair, but of course, this shoe has its flaws. Being a replica, it’ll look like the real thing, but there are a few quality issues here and there.


First off, the box that it comes with is a standard brown Nike Sportswear box. But as a replica, it’s a smaller box than the usual size of the originals. This might be one factor for you to tell whether it’s original or not. If someone tries to sell you shoes without a box, you should definitely be a bit more cautious before choosing to buy it.


The Airmax 90’s outsole is very iconic, and this has that waffle pattern up front, and wavy patterns and lines in blue at the back, with some more traction patterns at the heel. There is the ‘NIKE’ hit there at the side of the shoe. This is made of that more dense rubber Polyeurethane that they used to make with all the classic running shoes, so expect it to be more dense than the shoes that we’re used to now, but it’s still pretty comfortable.


For the midsole, you’ve got an all white midsole, with that blue portion where the heel Airmax unit is located. I always wondered about the placement of the heel air unit, as it doesn’t really expand since your heel isn’t really resting on top of it, more on the lower arch part. This is more of that PU rubber on the side. Also take note, that these do make you look bigger and taller due to that really thick heel portion of the midsole.


There is that Air Max rubber branding patch on the side above the air unit. The air bubble isn’t super bouncy, but you can still feel it working. You can also see that white paint splatter, a quality issue, this being a replica and all. Also, where the midsole connects with the outsole, there are some portions of white not painted blue, which would not be there on the original shoe.


You’ve got a white swoosh in that synthetic leather, and those blue and grey panels on the sides are also synthetic leather. The stitching is a bit off on the swoosh, but nothing too noticeable.


On the toebox, we’ve got more of that synthetic leather in grey and blue. The toebox is a nylon or fabric material, and it literally had no break in time as the material was pretty flexible, but it’s prone to creasing.


Some paint splatter on the midsole. Not a big issue, but it’s definitely there.


We’ve got white laces, with more of the grey synthetic leather. There is that blue rubber patch which also serves as an eyelet.


Another white rubber patch at the top of the laces portion.


On the tongue, we’ve got the branding of Nike Air Max with the swoosh in that white patch stitched on. The lettering is in that light grey or off white.


The inside lining is that off white, and surprisingly, it’s pretty padded on the tongue, the sides and the sculpted heel area. We’ve got a white insole, with the Blue Nike Swoosh branding on the heel. Took out the insole, it’s pretty thin and cheap, so step-in comfort is fine from the tongue and sides, but the inside doesn’t feel as plush.


On the back, we’ve got that White rubber patch with the grey colored Nike Air, which is a nice touch.


All in all, I’m pretty pleased with the pick-up I got. Very minor defects. A bit off on the stitching. Some paint issues, either getting paint on other colors, or it’s not colored entirely. Some loose threads here and there.

The materials on these are a bit cheap, with the nylon upper and synthetic leather leaving much to be desired. Insole is very thin, and while the tongue, sides and heel are pretty padded like pillows, the toebox area isn’t as nice. I recently got my pair of Airmax Correlates, and although they aren’t the same model, they share many similar features. While I can say that this looks pretty good and close to a replica, the fit is just fine, and I could notice a bit of hotspots on the pinky toe of the left shoe. With what they took to make this shoe look pretty accurate, they couldn’t emulate the comfort and fit as well.


Using these as beaters or everyday shoes, I didn’t mind too much that they were replicas. They look good on-feet, and they fit good for the most part. I got them on a steal since the owner of the replica shoes page was getting rid of extra unsold kicks, and it’s always nice to know how replicas fare against the original. It’s safe to say that they might be close with looks, but you sacrifice over-all comfort and quality, both on the materials and stitching and paint. If you can’t trade-off for that, you’re better off sticking with the originals.

And that’s it! If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to comment below or reach me through my other social media sites. I’ve got more pick-ups and posts coming your way!

Until next time,



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