A review of the Brooks PureProjekt Watch

I was lucky enough to win this Brooks PureProjekt Watch. Which is weird, since I usually have awful luck with raffles, lotteries and the like. Thought I’d do a short review on this watch.


Brooks is a renowned running brand, and this watch is part of the shoes that they were releasing, so these aren’t for sale, but are sort of like for a pack and promotion purposes. It’s made of basic plastic and rubber, which fits pretty nicely around the hand. The adjustable strap, as with all watches, gives you a custom fit, whether you want it tight or loose.

It’s also in this Blue and orange make-up, reminiscent of a New York Knicks colorway, which was a nice added touch.



Brooks branding on the top of the watch and on the strap.



There are 3 main features to this watch. The first is being able to tell the date and time. So, if you press the lower left button, you can choose as to what the watch will display (time, date, stopwatch reading) on its screen. Pretty nifty!


The second feature is this LED backlight. I’ve got my hand over the watch, and as you can see, when you press the upper left button, the watch and text lights up for 5 seconds, which is very handy for night running. I’ve used it on my night runs, and it is very nifty! I just wish that you could press the button once to turn it on, then another press to turn it off instead of it just lighting for 5 seconds. But all in all, a pretty good feature to have.


The third and last feature is the stopwatch! The upper right and lower right buttons function as start/stop and reset functions respectively. This is pretty useful for us as runners, as we can track our time and improvement. So, this was a big deal for me! I actually used this in my first 12K run, and just keeping track of the time is very handy indeed. It can also go into split mode, like a regular stopwatch, if you press the reset button while the time is still ongoing. Take note though, that the limit of this watch is 99:99:99 or 100 minutes, so it can’t be used for the long runs.


All in all, I’m liking the colors and the basic features on this watch. The best part of this was that it was free! Kidding. The best part is probably the stopwatch, since it’ll serve as a tool to help track your PR (personal record) and times on runs. It’s no frills, very handy, with practical features and a clean aesthetic and colorway.

If you want a chance to get to win this watch, head on over to A Runner’s Circle Cebu, located at Raintree Mall, Cebu City, next to Jellycitea and Toraja Cafe.  I won this from the end-of-the-month run that we have over at A Runner’s Circle Cebu. If you’re a beginner or an avid runner, you might be interested in joining us on our runs every Thursday at 6:30 PM at the store. It’s 5KM, 7KM or 10KM depending on what you want, and it’s a road night jog. It’s safe since we’re jogging in a group, and there’s a pacer and sweeper. There’s also free snacks and water at the end of the race. And as to how I won the watch, like I said,  at the end of the month, they hold raffles for fans, shirts, water bottles, watches and shoes!

So what are you waiting for?

Get up and start running!

Until next time,



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