50,000 hits!

Hey, guys!


I’ve just hit 50K page views, and I am so happy that there is still that constant stream of viewers everyday who look at the content. I know I haven’t been posting that much, as I’ve been sort of busy. Let me just tell you up front, I won’t really be posting anymore of the apparel stuff, as I’ve really grown underwhelmed with what the brands have put out recently, save for a few awesome gems, and I think my style has just grown to a point where  it’s just not really what I would wear anymore. But I will continue to post more content on my video and blog reviews (shoes and technology), my rants, and my adventures to different places and new experiences. So please do stay tuned for that.

I will have a few review posts with some shoes that I got and a running watch, and I will hopefully send some new content over on to zerothreetwo.com, so I hope you will watch out for that.

I hope you also continue to visit my page, and I hope you’ll stick with me until we get to 100K views and beyond!

Here’s to closed doors and endings, they pave way for new doors and beginnings to bloom.

Until next time,



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