Looking for a Running Shop? Check out A Runner’s Circle Cebu!


Now, I just recently got into running. Health and fitness has never been a strong point of mine. But since I just graduated, I have had a lot of free time on my hands. Now, it all started when I decided to buy a pair of running shoes from Nike. Then it became sort of a daily habit. I saw a wallpost from a friend of mine inviting people to join this Run for a cause. Particularly, it was for the victims of that marathon in Boston. He told me to go to Raintree Mall and find A Runner’s Circle.


This place has a red theme to it. Awesome track pattern and lots of spotlights. Really is a cozy but cool looking shop.

Now, coincidentally, this was actually a shop owned by the husband of a close family friend, who is a triathlete. I am nowhere near that level, but I wanted to showcase his shop, where he has all the good technology when it comes to running.


This is what I mentioned about in the last post. You need to find out your gait and arch type and all that jazz before you buy a running shoe.


They’ve got a large arrangement of running shoes, mainly from New Balance and Asics. These are brands renowned for their running shoes. There are shoes for stability, motion control and neutral settings as well as some stuff for barefoot running.


They’ve also got a section for socks, insoles, lace locks and the like, all mostly from the Feetures brand.


Pretty nifty decorating using old race bibs for their changing room and back office. They hold weekly runs, and I’m hoping to join some more events in the future.


They’ve also got stuff such as hydration belts and water bottles. This is from Nathan Human Propulsion Laboratories. Definitely a lot of running tech.


Amphipod also has a lot of accesories for hydration as well as keeping your smartphones and gadgets intact.


Then we have apparel specifically for the brand A Runner’s Circle. This is sponsored by Asics. Lots of shirts, tanktops, hats, headbands and other clothing. Look at all the medals being displayed here!


Finally, they’ve got those supplements and gels for your muscles. It’s all very technical stuff, but they seem to be complete from head to toe when it comes to running gear.

Now, running is definitely a cheap sport. All the shoes, hydration belts, clothing and stuff all adds up. But you don’t need much to start. You just need to have determination and to keep a consistent pace, and a good comfy pair of shoes!

You guys should all check out A Runner’s Circle here in Raintree Mall (beside Jellycitea). All the running buffs and fanatics will definitely find it to their liking. For beginners like me, it might be a bit daunting, but we’ve all got to start somewhere, right? So check it out, and let’s get to running! Excuse me, we’re about to start the run now.



Update: We just finished the run. Here are some pictures of the snacks and some of the runners after. Running at night is pretty cool. And I mean literally cool. You just have to be careful on the road and wear reflective gear. 37 minutes for 5 KM on my first try. Not bad, I guess? More running posts to come!

Until next time,



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