A review of the Nike Lunarglide+ 4

Hey, guys! Here’s another review on my latest pick-up, the Nike Lunarglide+ 4.


I’ve just decided to start jogging and getting back to the gym. Ever since graduating, I want to keep tabs on my health, so healthy living starts with this purchase. Or it could be an excuse just to get a new pair of kicks. Whichever! But really, sometimes, it really is about the shoes.

Now, if you’re like me, and you’re new to running, you’ve got to find the perfect running shoe for you. All of us have different activities, and while some may do some light jogging, if you plan on doing Zumba or Yoga and other activities which require multi-directional movements, you’re best off with a Cross Trainer type of shoe. When you go to your local sports shop, you can ask the attendants, and they’ll be able to assist you with that. But if you plan on picking just pure running shoes, you’ll have to find out your foot type. All of us have different running styles depending on the arches of our foot, if we’re flat-footed, neutral-arched or high-arched. You also have to look at what kind of terrain you’ll be looking to run in, whether it’s mostly going to be concrete or on uneven surfaces. All this will play a factor in how you run and what kind of shoe will fit you.

These shoes won an award from Runners World Magazine as the best updated shoe. This really received some significant upgrades from the Lunarglide+ 3, and we’ll be getting into the tech that is in the shoe. It’s listed at around 10 oz., so it’s definitely lightweight and will be keeping you on your toes. The last time I had a pair of running shoes was a generic pair from K-Swiss, which was light as well, but the feel and cushioning on this one is a million times better on the feet.


It comes in the regular orange Nike box. Nothing special to it. Just plain and simple with that orange color and the white Swoosh logo in the center.


This is the tag. It’s a size 10. It’s in the colorway of Wolf Grey, Reflective Silver and Team Orange. The original price on these was around PHP 5,795.00, which is around USD 140, but I got these for around PHP 3,500.00 (don’t mind the PHP 4,636.00 tag) at my local outlet store, Sports Warehouse. Definitely a steal since I got it at 40% off and these shoes just released late last year.


As you can see, the shoe pops when you first glance at it. I gave these a test run yesterday, and a lot of people were glued to my kicks. That wolf grey is very subtle, but it gives way and makes the orange pop out even more. Definitely a cool colorway.


Starting off with the traction of the shoe, you can see that it has those two shades of orange on the outsole. It’s a single direction traction pattern, going straight forward from the heel up to the forefoot. This is perfect for running as opposed to a basketball or cross trainer shoe, where in the traction pattern is multi-directional. It also has those flex grooves in the forefoot, which give you that flexibility and freedom for you to make your forefoot strikes.


There are rubber pods or sections on the heel (and forefoot as well, just not in black) which are made of a firmer rubber. All the orange of the outsole is the Phylon/Lunarlon foam, so these are just placed on. This is the area which will have the most wear, since your heel strikes first and transitions to your forefoot (which also have rubber pods) in which the rubber is extra durable and will try to give you proper traction and landing, aside from stopping the wear and tear if it was just the foam.


Also featured on the arch area is that Nike Plus System. This means that there is a compartment below the insole where you can place the Nike Plus Sensor.


The Nike Plus System is a sensor or chip that is placed into your shoe, which then syncs with your Apple iPod Touch or iPhone (via a separate app) which tracks your distance running, heartbeat, pace, and other statistics. The sensor itself is around USD 100, so we don’t have the sensor in place already, it’s just that the shoe can be Nike Plus enabled.


So along the midsole of the shoe, there are 2 foams working together. We have that Phylon, Nike’s own EVA foam, which is the standard for most of the shoes that come out today, and that Lunarlon. Lunarlon is Nike’s recently developed technology which is a 30% lighter foam than regular Phylon. So, in essence, Lunarlon is responsive, bouncy and has that plush feel to it when you step into the shoe. One downside to Lunarlon as of the moment is that it bottoms out after a period of time much faster than regular Phylon, so it is one thing to note. But this is my first try with Lunarlon, and I have to say that this foam cushion is simply magnificent! It feels so forgiving on your feet when you run. It’s like running on small pillows. You’ve definitely got to try these out.


This shoe features Dynamic Support, which is basically those two cushion set-ups (Phylon and Lunarlon) working together. This is that dual density foam providing you dynamic support, compression when you make your strikes, and bouncing back to return that energy in an efficient manner.


So, as you can see both wedges, that lighter orange on the bottom is that denser Phylon. The deeper Orange is that Lunarlon. As you can see on the Lunarlon, there are more wedges on it, around 4 of them, which compress to take impact and provide you with sufficient impact protection, and rebound back to bounce and return that energy, giving you that bounce to your step. The base of the shoe with that Phylon is also very wide, giving you that stable and secure feel.

The shoe also comes with that external heel counter in that same wolf grey color, which is made of a durable plastic, giving protection to your heel and providing that heel lockdown.


The whole upper of the shoe is made of that engineered mesh, all in that wolf grey. It has a lot of perforations as you can see, and it provides breathability and flexibility. Engineered mesh is also very durable, so this has little to no break-in time.


On the toebox, you can see that mudguard of that synthetic or fuse based material, which is still in that same wolf grey color.


The sides of the shoe are still using that synthetic or fuse based material for added durability. They’ve also featured Dynamic Flywire into this shoe. Dynamic Flywire is Nike’s technology of nylon cables of fibers that tug along your laces, providing you a secure fit. So, when you tug and tie your laces tight and make movements, the exposed flywire cables act accordingly and pull down. These strands go down to the bottom sides of the shoe (as seen through the perforations), giving you that secure fit and midfoot lockdown.


The swoosh that can be seen on both the medial and lateral (inside and outsside) sides of the shoe have that reflective swoosh. So, when running at night, these will light up when it’s dark and a light source will shine on it. This is that reflective silver on the colorway. Pretty nice touch.


On the tongue is more of that mesh, providing air flow and keeping your foot ventilated. You can see the tag of the ‘Nike Lunarglide4’ in that bright orange as well. These hints of orange really pop, and Nike made a good colorway on this one. Laces are just the regular kind and of that wolf grey, and are secure thanks to that Dynamic Flywire. So you can really adjust the fit on this, depending if you want it tight on the forefoot, a bit loose on the midfoot and so on. Really nice to have an adjustable fit for this.


On the insole is that Fitsole, which is Fit + Cushioning + Support. A standard insole from Nike on most of their running shoes, in that light green or volt colorway. Underneath that insole is the compartment for the Nike Plus System, which you can see if you remove the insole.


You can also see that sculpted heel, which will provide support to your Achilles heel and tendons. There is also that sockliner on the inside lining, providing you with a comfortable and cushioned fit.


All in all, this is a superb shoe for running. It’s a great all-in-one package for all the tech it provides such as Dynamic Support, Lunarlon foam, Dynamic Flywire, Nike Plus and that engineered mesh along the upper. Little to no break-in time, and you can definitely feel the plush and comfortable feel once you start running in them. I plan on running a whole lot more, and these will only get better in time once that engineered mesh is broken in a bit more.

I highly recommend that you check these out, and if you’re in Cebu, you can check it out (at discounted prices) at IT Park or J-Mall Sports Warehouse or Nike BTC.

If you’re too lazy to read up on all of this, I’ve got an unboxing and initial review on YouTube which you can find here.

So, let’s start running and getting started with that healthy living! Pick a shoe that is right for your athletic activity, and get to it. I know that it’s more on our determination and hard work to work and train for something that will get us there, but it’s nice to know that we have these sports brands bringing us technology in our shoes that will help us get there.

Until next time,



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