Urbandub at the Outpost!

Hey, guys! I just went to this event last Friday at the Outpost. There was a gig and Urbandub was headlining it! Urbandub is one of the most successful Cebu bands to make it, and if you don’t know them, then you don’t really know the local music scene very well. Better check them out!

I arrived at the Outpost at around 9, and it was really difficult to find a parking space since the Outpost doesn’t have any dedicated parking space. Had to park on the side of the street, which lined up for quite a good bit. I got to the entrance, and they had PNP security inspect us. These security measures are a must, and it’s for our safety. Paid PHP 150.00 for my ticket, and got my wrist stamped. Once I went in, I got my free beer and waded my way through the crowd to get a seat in the front. It was an outdoor gig. I must really applaud the Outpost for their renovation. Everything seems  much better after the renovation, outside and inside. Comfort rooms have that nice decor and humor in their design, the inside is cozy with guitars lining the walls and everything looking pretty clean.


It was a real jam packed house. Lots of people were interested in this gig, and it showed!


First band to play was Drop Decay. I could describe their music as pop punk. It’s pretty catchy and easy to get into, and with some electronic effects. They’ve really evolved over the past year, up from doing some covers in their sets (Ocean Avenue, to name one) and are now doing complete originals. They’ve released a couple of videos and have actually made it to the MYX Charts. Lots of bright spots for this band. A good set from them with some of their newer material.


Next band that played was Bethany. These guys are a personal favorite of mine. They’re released an album, and are that anthemic and alternative rock band with feel-good tunes. They did a real sick intro collaborating with a beatboxer, and it sounded really, really nice. Those guitars and drums made a beat for the beatbox which really made it sound good. Killer set!


Third band that played was Powerspoonz. These guys have been in the local music scene for a long while now, so if you don’t know them, then you should get acquainted. They play a reggae/nu-metal type of sound. It’s usually their band that gets people up to jam and that gets the moshpits started. Their set was good as usual. Then it started to rain real hard. Like heavy downpour. But people were still dancing and jamming until the end of their set. It eventually caused a 10-15 minute delay on account of the rain, and they had to waterproof the audio equipment.


The next band that played was a band from Manila called Earthmover. This trio from Manila made the trip all the way here in Cebu to play 2 shows. Well, I was surprised when they started removing all the microphones. They’re an instrumental band. No vocals. Just relying on the effects and the guitar and drum parts. It was slightly interesting, and their guitarist really looked like he put on quite a show. It was very emotional. But it sounded like a very long sound check to me. Maybe it’s just me, but I think vocals are an important band of getting the music across, especially in a live gig. Maybe listening to their songs some more will give a better grasp. But, they do have a very polished sound. Lots of quiet parts, and when it starts to boom, it really does feel like the earth is moving.


Last, but not the least, our hometown heroes, Urbandub finally took the stage at around 12 midnight. I always love their polished sound in live gigs. Very clean and pleasing to the ears, aside from all the headbanging and singing! They played a 9 song set, which pleased everyone. Really got my money’s worth when they took the stage.

Urbandub Song Set:

  • Gravity
  • Soul Searching
  • Sailing
  • The Fight Is Over
  • Dim the Headlights (new song!)
  • Frailty
  • Evidence
  • Alert the Armory
  • First of Summer

I’m really stoked for their new album, hopefully coming out Late May of this year. They played 1 new song. I was personally happy that they played ‘Frailty’ and ‘Alert the Armory’ live! Everyone sang, danced, headbanged, jived and moved to all of their songs, and while I was fully enjoying their set, I was also really tired and spent after. Went home happy.

Thanks to the Outpost for an awesome venue, and for that awesome event. We need more events that’ll highlight the local bands and promote local music some more.

Until next time,



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