A review of the Air Jordan IV Breds (Replica)

Hey, guys. Here’s another of my pick-ups. This was a personal pick-up and I got it from an online seller of replica and class AAA quality shoes. Let me just get this straight off the bat, I’m not encouraging anyone to buy replicas. I think that ultimately, authentic shoes will always have higher quality and will always have that better fit and feel. But I’m also saying that these are just shoes. I personally don’t mind rocking replica shoes, because I wouldn’t really shell out PHP 8,000.00 for a pair of Jordan retros that’ll eventually get dirty anyway. But, wear what you want. No one is stopping you. I actually want to get an authentic pair so I can compare it and see and feel the difference. But that’s another story. Anyway, onto the review. I’ll be pointing out the differences and some similarities and you can judge for yourself from the pictures on what your thoughts are about these replicas.

I got the Air Jordan IV’s in the Bred (Black/Cement Grey/Fire Red) colorway. This was the shoe that Michael Jordan used to take that crucial shot over Craig Ehlo (Cleveland) and give them that play-off win. You know, the one where the announcer says: “Michael at the foul line, a shot on Ehlo. It’s good! Bulls win! Bulls win!” Sound familiar? If not, you can always check out the clip on YouTube.

These were from a local shop called Riuku Shop that sells Nike and Jordan Products. You can check it out here. I got this pair for about PHP 1,600.00 + 200 for shipping. So that’s a total of PHP 1,800.00. Around USD 40.00. Not bad. I got what I paid for. There are some flaws and mistakes, but I can live with them. There are also two other local shops that I know of that sell replica or class AAA quality sneakers from the top brands. Dunk Shoes Pinoy is one of them. Watch Ur Step is another. But all of their shoes are selling in the price range of PHP 2,700.00-3,000.00 with shipping. That’s almost an additional PHP 1,000.00! But I do believe that the quality on their stuff is a bit closer to the authentic. Not sure. I’ll have to check and see when I actually do get a pair from their shop and see if they have the more authentic replica. I’ll also have to buy an actual authentic pair to compare the quality of all of these.

Enough jibber-jabber, let’s get on to the review!


This is the top of the box. Check out those lines that form the face of Michael Jordan. Pretty nice! But I think this is the wrong box. The authentic ones come with a different kind of box, the one with the speckled stuff and with the hole on the side for a pull tab. But, it’s just the box. I don’t really mind.


This is the Air Jordan 4 Retro in Black/Cement Grey. This is the wrong tag. It’s missing the Fire Red portion in the colorway and it’s supposed to totally look different. Maybe this is from another series or box design.


When you open up the box, aside from just the paper that covers the shoe, it comes with this retro card of the Air Jordan XIV. This is Michael taking a shot over Bryon Russell and the Utah Jazz, securing their 6th championship. This was an awesome moment. Nice touch to add this retro card.


So this is the shoe straight from the box.


So here’s a closer look at the shoe. It might be the flash, but this is supposed to be black. It’s a nubuck leather, and I think they used a cheaper quality leather here. It feels okay, but it could be better. You can also see parts of the glue marks, and there’s some scratches and scuffing on the nubuck upper. But no biggie. The stitching is black, and it’s also a bit off on some areas, but I can live with that. The toebox is actually pretty okay. A bit crooked, but it just looks fine on feet.


This is the back heel portion. Again, some stitching issues. The Jumpman is the correct color, but it’s not as pronounced or detailed as the original one.  But this is a pretty minor flaw.


Now, this is one of the bigger mistakes. Those stars are supposed to be bolder and more pronounced. It seems like these are just stamped on. There’s also some inconsistencies with the grey as you can see. But on feet, I don’t really mind anymore. No one’s going to be all up on your sneakers and call you out for it anyway.


These are the wings on the side panel. Not all of the holes are punched in. But again, just a minor issue.


These are the wings near the ankle portion. The wings hold up, but are a bit flimsy. And again, not all of the holes are punched in. I had to do it manually. Not a dealbreaker though.


This is the visible air unit in the heel in white, which is correct. There’s also a concealed air unit at the forefoot, but I have yet to confirm that with my pair. Now, this visible air unit is a bit dirty with some of the paint around it, but it looks fine to me. There are some quality issues with where the Fire Red meets the White and where it meets the Cement Grey, but these are not dealbreakers.


One more mistake is that on the tongue. The color of the Jumpman is supposed to be Fire Red, and this one is a darker shade, almost maroon.


The mesh paneling on the side and front of the shoe looks pretty okay. The netting doesn’t look too off. Again though, you can see that inconsistency on the grey at the sides of the shoe. I think it’s the coating that’s peeling off.


This is the bottom or outsole of the shoe. It’s in a herringbone pattern, and judging from pictures and videos, this part is spot on.


A bit creased, but they got the ‘AIR JORDAN’ label inverted, which is the correct position. It’s also the correct color. The inner lining is that cement grey, which is again correct. The insole was a bit off though. Aside from it being flimsy, it was inverted in color with the Jumpman logo being red and the insole black, when it was supposed to be the other way around. Again, fine by me as no one is going to look at your insole.


All in all, there are some slight design and quality issues, but at the end of the day, when I wore it, it was fine. These are just shoes. It may be different for some other people who may feel really strongly about buying legitimate and authentic pairs, but to each his own. I hope to buy an authentic pair someday. Just checking out what the replicas are like so that I’ll be informed and I can gauge the difference between the replica and authentic and I can tell the difference between the two.

Just re-adjusted the laces, and it was good to go! Again, I’m not encouraging anyone to buy replicas. You buy what you like and what you think is worth your money. If you think spending PHP 8,000.00 on a pair of authentic Jordans is justified, then go ahead. If you think that paying PHP 1,600.00 – 3,000.00 for a pair of high grade replicas is fine and don’t really care about the branding and if you’ll get called out for it, then by all means get a pair. I got what I paid for. The shoes look good, and I can’t wait to rock them in some jeans. I might try my hand at the higher quality AAA replicas that are around PHP 2700.00 – 3,000.00, but that’s for another time and another post. I can see why the Air Jordan IV is a classic design and the Breds colorway definitely looks fresh.

If you’re too lazy to read the whole thing, you can check out my unboxing and review of these on YouTube, which can be found here. Be sure to watch it in 1080p HD! Let me know what you think about replicas, the Jordan IVs, or anything by leaving a comment here or on my YouTube channel. Be sure to stay tuned for more posts and videos on more pick-ups and events.

So until next time,



24 thoughts on “A review of the Air Jordan IV Breds (Replica)

    1. check out the replicas from dunkshoes pinoy or watch your step. they’re around 2500-3000, much more expensive than my pair of 1,800. but I think they’re better. with regards to looks, they can get most of it, but with regards to the comfort and over-all feel, it’s best to go with the OG ones. even if it is like 8-9k. cheers.

    1. err, what kind of feedback? I’m pretty sure you can order the Air Jordan 4 from Dunkshoes Pinoy, and it’s of a higher quality. Just more expensive by about 500-1000 pesos though.

    1. I bought a pair of Airmax 90’s from Dunkshoes Pinoy. Just look at the pictures from their page. Much closer to the authentic one, but you’re still giving up fit and comfort, and some minor quality issues in glue and paint stains.

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  2. Hi, i like your logic. Same as mine i guess, i don’t like expensive shoes not because i can’t afford. But it will just go old and dirty anyway.

  3. Anyway, I want to ask. If how long the j4 replica lasted on you? I’m concern about durability. I know it’s replica. But I’m gonna be using the shoes more on malls. So just wondering if it’ll last. Thank you.

    1. Just a few months! Then the midsole started cracking on me. I didn’t even abuse it too much, just about two to three wears a month. It was of poor quality and durability.

      1. Thanks for the reply. I will try to buy from someone here who says their shoes are OEM, high quality. They got good feedback from customers and has a physical shop too. I will try to observe how long will it last. Probably will just buy authentic ones, if they don’t last much.

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