A review of the Tyvek Wallet by Weekend Artshop

Hey, guys! I got this most recent pick-up just today! It’s a wallet made out of Tyvek!

Tyvek is a material that seems like paper, but it’s actually plastic. It has a matte feel, and it’s very, very durable. You can use Tyvek for a lot of things like wallets, bags, shoes, safety gear and envelopes and containers. It’s environment friendly and you can print mostly anything on it. It really is a great medium as opposed to the traditional leather and synthetic we see on our wallets.

I actually already have a wallet made out of Tyvek, and it’s from Dynomighty Designs. Their ‘mighty wallet’ is one of the first ever wallets utilizing the Tyvek material, so they charge a premium on it. My sister got it for me last year and I was real happy with it. It’s super durable, and aside from some creasing and dirt accumulation, it’s still pretty much intact!

Now, I wanted another pair and put it on my wishlist on another post here on the blog. Someone actually commented (very rare) and linked me to Weekend Artshop. It’s a local brand that actually has Tyvek Wallets for sale at a very affordable price! I met with the owner, Karl, and he was cool about the whole meet-up and potential that Tyvek has for the future. But enough of the jibber jabber, check out the Weekend Artshop Tyvek Wallet!


This is the outer portion. Liking the colorway mixture of the red, yellow and orange. When you just look at the left side, it says work hard. But when you open it up, it actually says ‘Work smart, hard work is only optional’ and it’s so awesome! That little touch was really appreciated. There’s also a side panel where you can hang your keys as well as a zipper to act as a coin purse.


This is the left side on the inside of the wallet. I like the little touch that says ‘draw your face here’ with the white square. You can really see the stitching on the left side keeping the folds from the Tyvek material intact. That texture from the Tyvek is also seen here.


On the right side, it makes you list your 10 goals for this year. It”s pretty awesome. Then on the lower right side is the details for contacting Weekend Artshop. That black slit is actually a slot on both the left and right side for you to place ID cards. Something to note, it also has a hidden pocket capability. Pretty awesome. Lift up the black part there and you can place some bills there. It’s a regular wallet with one compartment to place your bills in, but it has a lot of functionality and aesthetics to complement it.


One final touch I like about that comes with this wallet is that there is this ‘PocketMod’ which is a mini-planner, to-do list, calendar and notebook all in one. With the folds and segments, it’s a toolbox notebook that’s pretty small but it’s a nice added touch.


So this here is the calendar, weekly planner, and to-do list.

Well, all in all, I found this a very worthy purchase. Weekend Artshop plans on releasing more designs and variations in the future, so please keep in store for that!

For those who are too lazy to read, I made a video about this wallet, which you can find here.

It’s locally made, so you can be proud to support your own. One thing that’s pretty nifty is that you can submit your own designs to Weekend Artshop, and he’ll be the one to print it for you if the design is appropriate in size and resolution. Each wallet is priced at PHP 300.00 so it is very affordable! And it’s going to last you a long time for sure.

So please do check it out. I’m pretty happy with my purchase, and I am looking forward to checking out more stuff from Weekend Artshop in the future.



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