It’s not often that you graduate. Grade school and High school graduation weren’t very memorable to me (I can hardly recall it) but it was college graduation that tasted the sweetest. It was the one that required the most effort, and there were times when I almost gave up, but thankfully, I was given the strength to perservere. March 23, 2013, at the University of San Carlos – South Campus, when I received that diploma and medal (Cum Laude bonus! Yay!), it was one of the best days of my life.

We assembled at around 12:30-1:00 PM and got to have our procession followed by a baccalaureate mass. All of the university chaplains celebrated it, and I even got a small speaking part at the end, celebrating our vow before fully becoming alumni of the university.


This candle symbolizes our responsibility to be a light and witness to the word.

We then had a short recess period, then proceeded with the awarding. 3 colleges/schools joined us that day, CAFA (College of Architecture and Fine Arts), SHCP (School of Healthcare Professions) and CoE (College of Engineering). There were around several hundred of us, and we were all pretty excited. The whole awarding took around 3 hours, and it was all so worth it.


Paso na!

 When our department chair finally said the words “Michael Brian Tiña.. Cum Laude!” it made those 5 years all worth it. All the struggles, hardship and trials had paid off. There were around two times that I almost gave up, one was in 4th year, during our FS (Feasibility Study) where I almost threw in the towel, and 5th year, during our Thesis, but through prayer and bouncing back, I was able to get it together, of course with the help of my family, friends and classmates.


One of the firmest handshakes ever! (Credits to Lyza Venice for the shot)

As I received my diploma and medal, and my parents placed it around my neck, I was so glad. Graduating was such a happy moment as I made my parents and everyone else proud, and the Latin Honors was just the icing on the cake. I never dreamed that I would have gotten this award around 4th year and 5th year, but things happen for a reason, and I am eternally grateful for that.


BS IE 2013 Graduates (Credits to Carryl Alpuerto for the shot)

Me and all of my classmates were celebrating right after the commencement rites. We went to the pentagon, went on the stage, and had dozens of pictures. It was all smiles. So much hugging and cheer all around. Rightfully so. 5 years together, and all encompassed into this moment. The cliche ‘throw-your-hat-into-the-air’ shot was all well and fun, but we had to pick it up because we still had to return it. Nonetheless, the smiles probably reached all the way up to our ears. We had some fun shots too, then we all bade each other goodbye, since we had dinner with our respective families. It might be a while before I see some of my other classmates again.


We had dinner at A Cafe in Crossroads. So much good food. It was a real classy place, and it was good for this moment. My sisters, nephew, brother-in-law, and parents were so happy that I had reached this accomplishment. I had some cupcakes and wine waiting for me. All of the food was good, and the corresponding bill was super pricey. But it’s fine. It’s not everyday that you graduate.


I’m pretty excited that I’ve just graduated. I have to come to terms that I have to say goodbye and leave some things behind, but with that, it opens me up to many new opportunities and possibilities! This is not the end, but only the beginning. You’ll be hearing a lot more from me, and I’ve just graduated from school, but it’s time to take on the true university, real life. More adventures, more experiences, and anything and everything under the sun. Here’s to a bright future.


5x7 togaMichael Brian Tiña

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering, Cum Laude

March 2013


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