A review of the WD My Passport 1 TB Portable Hard Drive

Hey, guys! I’m back doing a review on an early graduation gift that I got from my sister. Yay! Pretty excited and scared at the same time at the thought of graduating. I don’t know what the future holds for me, but I’ll just have to take it head on. Maybe apply for some companies, do some volunteer work, bum around for a bit, take the certification exam, and start saving up for my investments. It’s going to be pretty interesting as I enter a new chapter in life. But of course, I’ll still be blogging and posting about anything and everything!

So, I just got the Western Digital ‘My Passport’ 1 TB Portable Hard Drive. This baby is an external hard drive which holds up to 1 TB of memory (Actually 932 GB) and is pretty damn compact and snug. It’s plug and play, which means that it doesn’t need an adaptor to link to a power supply, which makes it pretty portable, and it fits inside most bags and laptop sleeves. Just bring the storage device, the connection port, plug in, and you’re good to go!


So that’s the box. It comes with the Storage device, the USB connection port, and some instruction sheets for technical support, warranty issues and connectivity. Not much else. But that’s all you need! Some of the highlighted features are as follows:

  • USB 3.0 – Ultra-fast data transfers with a 3X faster transfer speed than USB 2.0
  • PC Ready – Compatible with PC Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
  • Back-up – Has options for back-up so that your memory will never be lost
  • Security – Has options for setting password protection for your files
  • Warranty – Comes with a 3 year limited warranty for the parts

Those are some awesome features! On the box, it says that WD is the World’s Best Selling #1 External Hard Drive. Who am I to dispute that. I’m pretty happy that you can store so much data in such a compact and portable device!


On the back, it highlights the ‘sleek & compact’ functionality of this portable hard drive, and I totally agree. It’s about 3/4 the size of your regular 4.7-4.8″ screen phones (Samsung Galaxy S3, LG L9) and the width is about two S3’s stacked on top of each other. So you’re getting a pretty compact device that isn’t much larger than your regular smartphone, which is a good deal, considering the amount of data that it can store!

It comes in 5 colors: Grey, Blue, Red, White and Black. I chose the black option so that it’d match my laptop, and everything is simple and sleek in black!


Now, this looks amazing in black. Check out the details on the front end of this hard drive. It features the WD logo with the ‘My Passport’ wording, and those 3 different sized circles adorning the whole front of the device. They all come together for those 2 column line patterns, which screams sleek to me! Kind of reminds me of the LG Nexus 4 back, but of a different styling. It looks fresh!


Now, it really is plug in and play! Connect the 2 pronged port to the device, and the USB 3.0 (USB 2.0 compatible) to your laptop or desktop and it’ll automatically detect and install any drivers for new devices. The white LED light circle lights up when it’s connected. Pretty nice touch.

Transfer speeds will vary! I’m using TeraCopy, but it’s transferring at around 35-45 MB/sec, which is considerably fast! Using 2.0 speeds, I’d get 17-25 MB/sec. So it’s not exactly 3x as fast, but pretty close to twice as fast, which is a good deal for me. I guess it really depends on the devices and what you’re transferring. I was transferring 230 GB worth of movies from the laptop to the hard drive, and it clocked in at about 2 hours and 10 minutes. Fast transfer rate right there!

Now, I got this at a really good price. It came in at around PHP 3,700.00 or at approximately USD 93.00, so it’s definitely an option worth considering if you lack some hard drive memory on your laptop or desktop (like me) and are looking for a portable option. Definitely recommending you to check this out. If you want to check out a YouTube video of the unboxing and initial review, you can check it out here.

So that does it on my review for this. Be sure to keep updated and keep checking the site for more posts and reviews.

Until next time,



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