Wants List!

Everybody has some material stuff that they want, right? Even if we know that we should prioritize our needs and that most of the things we desire are superficial and are only wants, it’s still pretty cool to be able to have some of the things we wish to have and appreciate them for what they are. It’s like being a child again and enjoying the toys we receive.

So here’s my list of wants. Feel free to donate some of the items on these list! Haha! I’ve noticed that I end up wanting different things at different points in time, might just be the timing and maturity level. Tastes change, and the things you like is no different.

Check it out!

Dynomighty Mighty WalletThis is the Dynomighty Mighty Wallet. It’s made out of a really durable paper base called Tyvek. It’s basically a paper wallet. It’s really cool because it utilizes recycled materials and it’s eco-friendly! It looks pretty cool and is different from your usual leather wallet!

Coin Pouch Local

These are coin pouches that are locally made featuring a unique fabric pattern along with the city where it was made. Baguio, Davao, Vigan, Laoag, and all the others. I already have one, but it’s starting to tear, so another 2-3 of these as storage for my coins for everyday use would be pretty useful.

James Harden OKC Away JerseyI’ve got 2 NBA jerseys that I want to acquire. None of them are your regular players. This one features the Beardman, James Harden. It’s his jersey from OKC, particularly the away uniform, and I just want it because he’s one of my favorite players.

Brian Scalabrine Bulls Away Jersey

This one is a jersey from Brian Scalabrine a.k.a. The White Mamba! While Scalabrine may be ridiculed and mocked by a lot of people in the NBA, don’t forget that he has two rings. 2. One more than LeBron. So yeah. He also handles all of the mockery pretty well, just chilling like a White Mamba does. So that’s another reason I’d like to have his jersey. Not your regular 24.

Leather Black Belt

Now, this may seem a bit out of place, but I want a black leather belt. It could be branded, it could be generic, but something sleek and formal!

National Geographic Live Curious Statement Shirts

I saw these when they originally came out from Regatta, and they looked really cool. Loved the statements on them like ‘keep asking’ and ‘ignorance is boring’ with the square. Yellow and black which really highlights that this is a National Geographic t-shirt. I missed out! It’s so simple, yet so well executed.

Mineski Gear

Mineski Gear. Mineski has been one of my favorite e-sports teams in the Philippines, and the Mineski Events Team really knows how to rock it! The future for Philippine E-sports is bright, and it shows with their apparel as well. Bus Yan or The Mineski Logo. These shirts are simple but would look rad to wear in!

Natus Vincere Hoodie

Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) is another e-sports organization I admire, and of course, who doesn’t know Na’Vi? Winning the first ever International Dota 2 tournament and a cool 1 million dollars. This hoodie, in that electric yellow, is the trademark color of Na’Vi and this hoodie would be cool to use during the cold times!

Nike Elite Basketball Socks

I’ve been watching a lot of performance review basketball shoe videos lately. I just got a new pair of kicks for basketball, now topping it off with these socks would be cool. Cushion and moisture wicking technology make it sound pretty darn convincing to cop!

Archie Married Life

I’ve always been a fan of Archie. I’ve also always been curious as to who Archie would pick: Betty or Veronica? This graphic novel answers that question, and it would be nice to have it as sort of a collector’s item. I used to have close about 100 Archie Digest Issues, and unfortunately, they’re all gone. Having this 1 graphic novel would definitely be stored in a treasured bookshelf or case.

Moleskine Journal

I’ve always written in a journal, whether it’s for a diary or a day-to-day planner thing. Moleskine is top of the line when it comes to notebooks and planners, and it definitely isn’t cheap. Premium-grade materials make it a must-have for those who love to scribble and write all day!

Poker Set

I’ve always been into Poker ever since around the start of college. Having a full poker set with the steel briefcase that encloses it would be pretty darn cool when friends come over.

Superlux HD661

I have a pair of Audio-Technica Earphones and they’re pretty sweet, but I always wanted a pair of big-ass headphones for home usage. I’ve been hearing a lot of things from Superlux. They’re a Taiwanese brand that knows their audio, and at a price that is pretty darn competitive. This is the HD661 in particular. It’s sleek and the form factor is there without breaking the bank.

White Rabbit Candy

Now we move on to some food! You know that White Rabbit that was really the original one? The one that was soft and chewy? The wrapper was edible. The one that was banned here in the Philippines because of some alleged poisoning or contamination. But it’s so damn good! I want a whole pack of these!

Trident Gum

Trident gum. Specifically this flavor. Watermelon Twist. It’s pretty good and it’s good for the teeth too! It has Xylitol. One piece can last you a pretty long time. So for those gum lovers, this should be on your radar. Did I mention that it’s sugarless?

Ritz Toasted Chips

Have you tried this? I know it’s available in some places, but you can get this at S&R. This flavor in particular (Dairyland Cheddar) is so damn good! It’s good because it’s a bit healthy too. It’s toasted, meaning it’s more healthy instead of the usual potato chips filled with oil! It’s a must try!

LG Optimus LTE 2 Case

Stuff for my gadgets! I want a sandblasted or matte hard case for my LG Optimus LTE 2! It’s so hard to find here since it’s really a Korean phone. But, if there’s a will, there’s a way!

16GB Micro SD Card

A Micro SD Card for more expandable memory for my phone! Who doesn’t want more memory? Since I don’t have any expandable memory right now, and the onboard storage is just around 13 GB, an additional 16 GB would not hurt at all.

Portable Hard Drive 1 TBB

Now some stuff for my laptop! A portable hard disk, preferrably around 1TB, would be just fine. My laptop currently has around 640 GB onboard, and it’s almost full. This would give me more capacity and last me for the next few years!

Laptop Sleeve

A laptop sleeve! 14 inches is the size of my laptop. I want the one without a zipper and the one with the really nice fabric.

UPDATE: Free Coca-Cola give away laptop sleeve. Yay!

 Nike Airmax 90

Can’t forget about shoes. This is the Nike Airmax 90. I don’t really care for the weird colorways, but the blue or the red one on the top looks pretty fresh. I’ve really noticed that my taste in shoes has changed.

Saucony Jazz Pro Lo

Saucony Jazz Lo Pro. Simple but elegant. That is a pretty fresh colorway too.

New Balance 574 Backpack Pack

Ever since I got my pair of New Balance 373’s, I couldn’t stop thinking as to how comfortable it was as a casual shoe. The design and fit just grew on me. Now, I’m still torn between getting another 373, or trying out the 420 or 620. But the 574’s are a classic, and they are obviously the most popular line for New Balance. So yeah, I might get one of these to check out and see as to which line I like best.

Nike Waffle Trainer

Lastly, these are the Nike Waffle Trainers. Pretty weird name, I know. But it’s such a good looking shoe! I’m a sucker for Nike too. The colorway on this shoe is particularly good, but I’m partially biased because my favorite color is blue. Good usage of the maroon on the tongue and on the swoosh though.

There we have it! All of my material wants! I know it’s not healthy to be wanting to have all of these, but sometimes we can’t help it. But it also helps us realize that we have to be content with what we have and learn to appreciate the blessings we receive each and everyday.

Until next time,



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