Slogos Night at Sprockets Cafe!

Hey, guys!

Ever since last year, I’ve been joining my friends every Wednesday night for Slogos Quiz at Sprockets Milktea and Coffee Cafe. It’s nearby Parklane hotel and shares the same place as that Shabu-Shabu and Sweet Little Things. Every Wednesday, at 9 PM, they gather teams seated at different tables, equipped with a mini-whiteboard, marker and eraser, for a trivia and quiz that involves logos and pictures displayed on the TV screen, all complete with a host. The first, second and third place get prizes like complimentary cakes and desserts and some gift certificates to be used for next time! It’s a fun thing that brings people together over general trivia and information.

Every Monday, Sprockets also hosts Trivia Night, where instead of logos, they ask questions of general information. If logos aren’t your thing, maybe you can try to take part in this. Trivia Night and Slogos happens every Monday and Wednesday respectively, usually starting at around 9 PM. So, invite your friends and be there early before the tables get filled!

Sprockets Cafe features milktea, coffee, pastries and sweets, and all the elements of photography! It’s a real cozy place, and the photos that adorn the walls and boards distinguish it from other cafes. It’s real unique! Free wi-fi, along with the company of friends, with good food at good prices, and milktea or coffee to bring it all together!

Check out some of the pictures.


It has that clean look with a very modern feel, but also cozy because of all the photography inspired pieces!


Here is their photo board, filled with cameras that print out instantly! Little notes and writings on each picture to celebrate moments enjoyed at Sprockets.


More notes and photos! One thing to note is the unlimited Nachos poster! Good for PHP 345.00 and you can share it with friends! 4 kinds of dip. Can you say awesome?


Their counter displays all the equipment and machines needed to make your favorite drinks and teas! You can also pick your pastries and sweets at the counter. Service is friendly and the servers can take your requests for pictures and other little tasks. Real good!


This is their display of cases and film for photography related stuff. Not too well versed on photography, but I do like how they use all the fish eye lens and different filters for color hues to spice it all up.


Their photo wall is so cool! You can see all the filters, starting from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to indigo and finally violet. It’s rainbow inspired and you have to look at it in person to see how cool all these photos were put together! Really adds a touch of personality that makes it unique from other milktea and coffee shops.

Now, I took a picture of their menu for prices of their food and drinks. Expect to pay around PHP 95-100 per milk tea drink with one sinker and around PHP 150-300 for an appetizer or even a full meal!


So there’s an assortment of soups, pizzas, pasta, salads, burgers, sandwiches, and desserts to choose from! But you can also enjoy full meals or main events if you please.


Now, if you’re familiar with milk tea, they have a wide range of specialty flavors that you can try in two sizes! You can also pick 1 sinker and check your sweetness level. Coffee and other drinks are on the menu as well.

So there you have it. Check out the Sprockets Facebook Fan Page here. All photos and information are in their page, so do check it out! J Block Apitong St., 6000 Cebu City is their address. It’s nearby Parklane Hotel, and is on the same block as Sweet Little Things and that Taiwanese Shabu-Shabu place. Contact them at 234-3304 for inquiries and reservations.

So whether you just want to work on something, since wi-fi is available, along with the food and drinks, it’s a good place to consider. It’s also perfect to spend time with friends, you can come every Monday or Wednesday at 9 PM for Trivia and Slogos night and win some prizes aside from just enjoying the company of your friends.

Wi-fi. Reasonably Priced food and drinks. Photography inspired decor with modern feel and look. Milktea craze. Unlimited Nachos. Trivia Night. Slogos Night. All these things combine for one great experience.

See you at Sprockets for the next Slogos Night!

Until next time,



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