Inna Stereo!

What’s up, guys? I joined this contest on the Powerspoonz Facebook fan page, and they asked if what was your most memorable experience at a Powerspoonz event and why? I just tried to answer, not expecting to win or anything.

This was my comment:


Just tried to keep it to one paragraph. It really was a funny moment, as I can still recall that we were the only ones jumping and moshing while the old people looked at us from their seats. But who cares! Fun is fun.

Lo and behold, the next post a few days later:


Yay! I always enjoy free stuff. So I went over to Koa Tree House to claim my shirt. There was actually a white shirt as well as the black one. You can purchase your own Powerspoonz Inna Stereo T-shirt at Koa Tree House for PHP 400.00. It comes in white and black, and sizes from S-XXL. Regular fit.

So here are some pictures of the shirt.


Enjoying that black and white. Simple but effective.


Here’s a closer look at the graphic design. It’s a boombox radio from the 80’s and 90’s. Appropriate for the newest album of Powerspoonz, Inna Stereo!


And on the back, it’s near the neck area, simple text that reads Inna Stereo.

So that’s it! Glad to have won this shirt. Free stuff is always good, but more than that, it’s good that we can support our local bands and brands in our own little ways. From buying their shirts, to watching their live gigs, buying their CD’s and even just writing/talking about them on our social media sites. The internet has massive reach.

Support local and keep the respect going. Check out the Powerspoonz Facebook fan page here.

Until next time,



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