Franco at the Outpost!

Super stoked for this gig! Check out the poster!


Lots of sponsors are excited about this gig! Franco is releasing his new album this year, I think. I’ll try to get a copy of the album and do a review on that one. This is the album after Franco recently parted ways with Gabby, JanJan, Ocho and Buwi. I’m pretty sure the music will still be awesome, so keep tabs on that one! Hopefully, they play songs from the new album!

Opening bands are Cuarenta and Powerspoonz. Veterans no doubt! Pretty sure they will spice up the crowd before we jam with Franco.

As stated on the poster, entrance is PHP 100.00 with 1 free beer. You can’t beat that!

Venue is at the Outpost. It recently closed and re-opened. Have yet to visit there, but I’m pretty excited to see how the renovated place looks. Will probably share some pictures with you all post-event.

Anyway, can’t wait for this gig. Pretty sure it’ll be awesome. So do invite your friends and we’ll all see each other at the Outpost!

Until next time,



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