A review of the Nike Zoom Hyperenforcer XD

Here’s another review, something to take you away from the usual t-shirt post and/or event coverage post. This time, I’ll be reviewing the new shoes I got,

the Nike Zoom Hyperenforcer XD.



So, it comes in the colorway of blue grey/cyber obsidian. It’s a pretty funky and crazy colorway, and it’s sure to stand out when you’re playing ball.


It comes in a standard orange colored Nike box, with the Nike Swoosh logo in the center. Not much else.


The neon yellow really pops out from the blue.

Aesthetics wise, this shoe looks pretty fresh. Its shape is that of the Hyperfuse models and of the latest performance model basketball shoes coming out from Nike, and it looks pretty good. Let me show you some pictures to get a better look at how it looks on an aesthetic standpoint.


On the inner side of the shoe, is an attention-grabbing triangular pattern that features the Nike Swoosh logo and lots of lines and triangles really popping because of that neon yellow color.


The other side of the shoe is much simpler, but it still features a sort of polka dotted feel due to the mesh construction. There is a prominent Nike Swoosh logo in the neon yellow color.


On the tongue, it clearly states the name of the Hyperenforcer XD. Notice that the laces are also polka-dotted in the colorway of the shoe, which I personally love.


There’s also a design on the insole. On the left shoe, it says “Stronger” and on the right shoe, it features some logos and symbols of Nike Basketball. I like these little touches.


The traction on these shoes are pretty good. Since this is meant to be played outdoors, after all, it is the XDR version, there is a completely different outsole for this shoe, which features much more durable rubber which is really meant for the blacktop or concrete.

Traction is important along side the ball of the foot in the forefoot and on the heel, and as you can see, there is a herringbone pattern on the ball of the foot, and on the heel as well. Nike has also included the Nike Blade traction, which looks like razor blades. Good thing to note is that these shoes have full traction along the whole shoe, including the sides, so slipping will be minimal.


For outdoor use. This picture says it all. Note that the herringbone pattern stretches all the way up to the sides of the shoe, ensuring maximum traction. Pretty good!


There is Nike Zoom technology on the forefoot of the shoe, which is like a compressed airbag that provides cushioning and responsiveness when you run around the court.


Along the midsole is a Phylon base, which is durable, but also pliable and sort of dense, which acts as cushioning along that side of the shoe. Something to note, there is no Zoom Air for the heel of the shoe.


There is a lot of cushioning along the ankle and heel side, which feels pretty good. The insole also provides some cushioning. Along the laces area, where your midfoot is, there’s minimum cushioning there, but still pretty much above average.


This is a Hyperfuse construction, which is Nike technology of a synthetic rubber, featuring mesh and their synthetic base. There is also the use of Flywire, which are strands of wire featured along the laces, which provide fit and support when the laces are tugged on. This makes it pretty lightweight and durable, especially since it’s the XDR version, which means that the rubber being used on the outsole and on the front of the shoe is much more durable. The trade-off is that this shoe takes a bit more time to break-in since it’s more durable, but once it is finally broken in, it’s pretty good at staying in fit and still plays really well.


Looking at the lacing system, it’s separate and in waves. It’s pretty good since it offers great lockdown and fit along each portion of the foot. However, I experienced a bit of discomfort on the portion of the tongue where the laces go in, but some adjustments with the laces took care of that. Look at the picture below to see where the laces go into the tongue, that’s where I felt some chafing. However, lockdown is great, the fit is great. It fits true to size. The fit is just really good in general.


Ventilation is sort of lacking on this shoe when comparing it to the other models, as you can see on the sides from the pictures before, there isn’t any real visible area where there were breathable panels for air to release. However, there are perforations along the tongue, which provide some ports for air to come through, so ventilation is okay for the most part. The Hyperfuse material is pretty breathable when comparing to leather anyway.


For support, there is a heel cup (it isn’t visible) placed, which provides extra durability and support for your heel, aside from the cushions. There is an outrigger on the side of the shoe, which helps you from rolling over, giving more stability. This is a high-cut shoe, so there are wings, which provide support and protection for your ankle. So for the most part, this shoe provides a lot of support in the areas you need.

Overall, this shoe is pretty darn good! It’s my first foray into performance model shoes, as the last pair I had was a leather pair of Reeboks from around 2008, so I’m sure this is a vast improvement.

Good things to point out: It has a great fit and lockdown. It has good support. It features Zoom Air technology which provides cushioning and responsiveness. It has Hyperfuse AND Flywire, which makes it durable and lightweight. Traction is really good for the outdoor use on the blacktop or concrete. Crazy colorway really pops out on the court.

Some things I don’t like about the shoe: long break-in period due to the extra durable material. No Zoom Air in the heel portion. Slight chafing in one particular area.

The cons are pretty minimal, and are all easy to live with when considering all the good things about this shoe.

I’d recommend this to anyone who plays basketball, as it offers durability and support and a good fit to boot. I know I’m happy to own this pair. You should definitely check these out. If you play on the hardwood, you can take a look at the PE version, which is meant for indoor use.

If you’re too lazy to read all of this, I have a video boxing and summary review, which you can find here.

Pretty sure these’ll last for the next few years. Can’t wait to play in them some more!

Until next time,



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