Some Christmas Goodies (and it ain’t just shirts!)

Hope you guys had a really merry Christmas! I’m pretty sure I had a great one. Lots of food, gifts and time spent with family and friends! No shirts, but I did get a new pair of pants, a power bank portable charger for my cellphone and a new wireless mouse. Pretty good stuff! I might just do a review on this mouse or portable powerbank charger soon.

Anyway! I’d like to show you guys some stuff from our friends over at Killapinas and Nick Automatic. They’re releasing some new stuff, and it isn’t just t-shirts! It’s pretty exciting, as we’ve got shades, caps, hoodies and a watch! Yes, it’s definitely expansion of product line right there. Check it out below!

First off, a brand new pair of shades from Nick Automatic!


It’s like that of Vans or that similar style. Cop it for PHP 650.00! Coming out Early January at Doodle Store near you!

Now, on to the Killapinas stuff!


This shirt’s called Invoke. Get it for PHP 400.00!


This is a hoodie in collaboration with Markov Clothing Company! It’s priced at PHP 1,000.00 so get it while stocks last! Respect!


This is a KILLER Cap right here. Simple text on a snapback cap priced at PHP 400.00.


This piece is entitled Killin’ Time! It’s a Watch with a saw design inside of it from one of the previous releases from Killapinas. Get it for PHP 400.00!

That’s it for now! Pretty excited to see that these brands are opening up to possibilities aside from shirts. You’ve got to adapt and expand to stay alive! Have a great Christmas Holiday and happy New Year!



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