Welcoming the Slime Store!

And it’s not only Nick Automatic moving out with a new store or branch, but our gorelicious brand Mermollie Ink is transferring as well! From the Pick-Up Shop, they’re opening the Slime Store in a nearby venue. Check out the map and their new releases below!


All the details are stated in the map above. Pretty clear from here. So check it out! On to the shirts!


This one’s called the Slimer! A raglan priced at PHP 460.00 and well worth it!


Here’s another raglan called the Skroom! It’s priced at PHP 460.00 as well.


Puking Rainbows is the name of this one! Cop it for PHP 440.00!


Moosh Kid can be yours for PHP 440.00. Check out the slimy stripes on that one!


Version 2 of Fork This Life! 1/4 Raglan priced at PHP 430.00.


Bumble Rumble! Another raglan priced at PHP 470.00. Looking good!


Bubba Bear is priced at PHP 440.00.

All of these shirts are 100% cotton and uni-sex fit, so no reason not to get any of these shirts as gifts for the Holidays. Or, you can make it a gift for yourself.

Check out the Slime Store and continue to support local brands.



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