7-11 Grand Opening!

July 31 is a Tuesday.

But it won’t be just any regular Tuesday!

I’m sure you guys have heard all about 7-11 and how they’re opening multiple branches all over Cebu. In fact, they’re going to replace all the Star Marts of Caltex and it will be exclusively 7-11!

Anyway, check out the grand opening of 7-11 Escario Branch!

Grand Launch Event!

Free Slurpee for the first 500 people! That is cool.

I’m excited about the bands though!

Foc Fashion has always been a great performancce with in-your-face rock. I like how their sound is unique yet you can still jam along.

Powerspoonz, well, you know the drill. They’ve released their 2nd album recently, so I can’t wait to hear them play new songs.

Franco. The other members, you might have heard of them. Gabby. Ocho. Buwi. Janjan. All from high-profile bands. They’ve come to a decision, and Franco will still be the lead singer and songwriter, but with new bandmates. It’ still Franco! And just like Powerspoonz, he’s released a second album. Stoked for that.

Hope to see you guys enjoying a Slurpee on this Tuesday Night.



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