Investment for the future!

Hey, guys. It’s been pretty crazy recently. Topic proposal defense and more or less the final project of college life, the dreaded thesis! We’ve got about 2 months to make the chapters and come up with a strong research. I’m scared since I’m not really knowledgeable with the topic we have, but as long as we’ve got the right mindset, we can do this!

Anyway, I’ve got something else to talk about. The title seems pretty interesting. We just had our OJT last summer and our compensation served as an initial investment. Our mentor talked us into getting into stocks and mutual funds. The best time to start is now!

We took the leap, and even though this is a very little amount, it’s still a seed, and we’re hoping it could grow into a big, big tree!

Risk is a part of the game, and we have to be able to risk it if we want to earn.

Don’t just keep your money in the bank. If you aren’t thinking about starting a business, a mutual fund or stocks would be the way to go! Keeping your money in the bank may give you sure gains, but with a performance assurance of only about .3-.7% per year, it can’t keep up with the 3% inflation rate the Philippines has. Think about it. Your money is actually losing value in the bank!

While there is risk in placing your hard-earned money in a mutual fund or in stocks, if you do your research, understand the risks and all, it can be very profitable. Let’s place our mindsets to earn and reap from passive income aside from just the regular work.

Until next time, Cheers!


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