The power of warranty and free stuff!

Hey, guys. It’s been a long while since I’ve updated the page. Sorry. Projects and on-the-job training have gotten the best of me! But, I was able to submit new content for the page, so you guys can check that out sometime this month! It was good to be working with them again, and I got a free shirt for my trouble!

That’s me with my classmates/OJT interns. Thanks to ZeroThreeTwo for the awesome shirt. Be brave! This piece was drawn up by Sir Doyle See, and the colors and design are spot on as usual! If you want to cop this design and some of the other shirts, please check out The Assembly, the ZeroThreeTwo online store! They have free shipping all over the Philippines, and buying is hassle free!

I wrote an article about my earphones last December, the ATH-CKS55. I was really happy with the increased level of audio that they brought. I was devastated when they conked out on my last month. The wiring went haywire. I guess that’s to be expected with all earphones. Good thing though was that there was a warranty clause when I bought it from Soundroom SM Cebu! They replaced the unit, but since there was no available unit in black-red, they replaced it with a white-grey version. Still pretty happy!

Gives off that iPod generic earphone feel, eh? But the sound is just incomparable.

Anyway, class starts in two weeks! OJT is about to end. It’s time to end the summer and start getting even busier. I dare say that I’ve been hurt and am still adjusting to some things? Meh. I don’t know what the future will bring, and the local scene has been kind of underwhelming as of late, but let’s hope for some brighter tomorrows.

Until next time,



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