The Hunger Games Trilogy

Stopped reading recently. It’s sad, because I think more people would be better off if they picked up a book once in a while. Reading exercises the brain more than playing video games or watching TV ever will. I’m really grateful since my dad and sister are bookworms, and I enjoy reading the occasional book as well.

The Hunger Games trilogy was turned into a movie series and it was brought up as a topic. I always prefer reading the books before actually watching the movie, as it helps you use your imagination more. If you were to watch the movie then read the book, the experience would be very different.

Anyway, I was able to read The Hunger Games since a friend lent it to me. I finished it in about 2 days. It was pretty fun. Not really into the fiction and fantasy stuff, but it was interesting for sure. Hats off to Suzanne Collins.

Also, due to a lot of free time on my OJT, I was able to read the PDF version of Catching Fire. I will always prefer reading a real book rather than a PDF or e-book, but there isn’t much we can do about it. Finished Catching Fire in 2 days as well!

Books are expensive. They’re worth it, but I can’t really afford that luxury right now. So for now, I’ve decided to settle reading a PDF version of Mockingjay. Currently 5 chapters in, and it’ll be kind of sad that the trilogy will be over, but it has been pretty interesting. But still far from my personal favorites to be honest. But let’s see how the trilogy ends, it may change my mind just yet!

EDIT: Done reading all 3 books. It’s definitely been interesting, to say the least. Lots of different plots. Each book in the series has evolved into something of its own. More mature with each sequel. The ending to all of it was very quick, and I’m sort of unsure what to make of it. Like tracker jacker venom, not really giving that sort of closure, making you doubt what is and what isn’t real. Oh well.

Until next time, Cheers!


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