Dishing out the colorful!

Well, We’ve got NICK AUTOMATIC’s A May To Remember Coming out on May 5th at the Doodle Store, but we’ve also got a contender from the PICK-UP SHOP! MERMOLLIE INK is going all out! Check out what they’ve posted on their lookbook.

All these shirts are 100% cotton with a unisex slim fit styling! You guys can grab it over on May 5th at the PICK-UP SHOP. Don’t know where it is? Look around this blog somewhere, I’ve got a map. You’re big boys. Use the search button!

Price range for these shirts would be from PHP 380.00 – PHP 480.00. It’s all good and worth it though! Mosey on over to the Pick-Up Shop and get yourself one of these gorelicious shirts!

Until next time, Cheers!


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