Ed Tour!

We went on our Ed Tour last April 8-16, 2012. It doesn’t matter that we have our OJT, Thesis, FS and other concerns to worry about, it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Everyday was fun spent with friends and classmates, even if we were really tired and lacking sleep. We got to visit so many new places and I am so grateful for this experience. Thanks to Sir Bong and Executive Express for this magical journey that will be with me forever!

April 8, 2012. The arrival.

We met at the airport at around 6-7 AM. We were all giddy and excited! Arrived at the airport at around 9-10 AM. We took a coaster and set foot to Baclaran. Parted ways with the other guys and went to the pad of Stan’s Uncle (Thanks, Uncle Wate!) to change and freshen up. We got to bring out his car, a Hyundai Getz. It was flat, so we stopped by a machine shop to re-inflate the tires. We headed over to MOA for lunch! We ended up eating at Burger King. Met up with the guys, but no plans. We went to Baclaran Church to light some candles and hear mass. Then we headed to Star City. I was so excited! Ride All You Can and Winter Funland! Star Flyer. Surf Dance. Tornado. Check out the pictures! We slept at around 3 AM due to some detours and sheer excitement for the actual start of the tour!

April 9, 2012. The start.

We were awake at around 4-5 AM. We left the pad and headed over to Grills and Sizzles for breakfast. We were pretty early (on time, actually) and we waited for our classmates to arrive. We headed to the ABS-CBN Studio for a studio tour, but we were late. We ended up going to It’s Showtime. We went crazy and it was like a riot! It was really fun. Surprising that the set was really small. We finished up at around 3 PM. Had a late lunch at Bellore and we checked in at A Venue Suites. It was beautiful! We headed out to MJ’s Cafe for dinner. MOA strolling afterwards. Star City again! This time, only for laser tag. Boy it was fun!

April 10, 2012. The magic stays with you.

Another early wake-up call! We visited the Smart JUMP Center in Megamall. Lunch, then we headed over to Mariwasa, a ceramics and tile manufacturing plant. Headed over to Enchanted Kingdom! We set up a surprise for Jeff and Kristine. Enjoyed all the rides! Anchors Away. Space Shuttle. Log Jam. We had a late dinner at Poquito Mas then headed home.

April 11, 2012. The tour proper.

As usual, an early wake up call. Check out at A Venue Suites since we were heading for Laoag. Breakfast then we had a tour at Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. Lunch. Gardenia. Tanduay Manufacturing. Short stopover in Tagaytay. Lots of interesting companies! Dinner. We left for Laoag and slept in the bus!

April 12, 2012. The Palace.

We arrived at Palacio De Laoag and checked in. Breakfast. No rest! We went to the Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud Beach Resort for lunch. We went to Paoay Church and Marcos Mausoleum. A real historical treat. We headed to the City proper to try their special empanada. It was good. Went back to Palacio De Laoag for some rest and dinner. Enjoyed this day!

April 13, 2012. The Heritage Walk.

We left Laoag very early. Headed to Vigan. The city proper was real nice. Surprised at the furnishing of the buildings. Heritage walk was cool. Made you feel like you were back in the Spanish era. We had lunch. Also went to Chavit Singson’s house and park, Baluarte. Then a  long afternoon drive. We reached Baguio at about 8 PM. Had more fun in the night as usual!

April 14, 2012. The cold wind.

First day in Baguio was amazing. So cold. Even with the heat of the sun, the cold breeze still made up for it. In the morning, we visited our last company, Adriste Philippines. Went to PMA. Lunch. Wright Park in the afternoon. The Mansion. Minesview and Good Shepherd Convent.

April 15, 2012. The last day.

Our last day in Baguio and the last official day of the tour! We went to the Strawberry Fields in the morning. Got to try the ODOC (One Day Old Chick) and it was interesting. Bought some strawberries. We also went to the Lourdes Grotto to pray. 250 step walk! We had our last catered lunch in Kamayan. It was very nice. We headed to Burnham Park in the afternoon. Heard mass at the Cathedral. Went strolling around the City Market and Burnham Park. We tried roller skating! It was fun. Dinner and it was time to head back to Manila. Overnight drive. Some speeches. It was a bit emotional. Finally set in that the tour was over. We arrived at NAIA 3 at around 3 AM.

April 16, 2012. The Lay-over.

We were at the airport at around 3 AM. Our flight was still at 5:30 PM. We had to wait for about 12-15 hours in the airport. Going out was an option, but we were too tired. Just slept on the floor, cowboy style, and waited it out. Kept eating. We tried to keep the mood as light as possible. It was fun to just chill, really. Finally home in Cebu at around 8 PM. What an adventure!

This was definitely an adventure I will never forget. I’m really glad that we got to do this. I know it’s going to be hard on our last year, but memories like this will stay with us. They inspire us that, even for a little bit, we should stop and never take for granted the beautiful things that have been placed on our path. It’s even better when we can spend these times with the people we love. We should always look at things in a new perspective, and we should always be grateful. I know I am.



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