Summer Update!

Hey, guys. My last post was sometime February. Crazy how school can suck you in. Literally had no time to do anything except school projects. And for the little  time that I was free, I couldn’t concentrate as much because the deadlines kept on coming. They’re still far from over! Hoping that it’ll be done with soon. Starting to burn out, but we’re taking it one thing at a time. 5 years for engineering. Oh, why.

Anyway, I haven’t been into the loop for the local music and clothing scene as of late. Hmm, haven’t been really impressed by the new designs, to be honest. Some shirts are occasionally nice, but nothing is popping out just as much. Maybe my taste is changing? Who knows. But for summer 2012, I’m stoked with the releases from SCARS and Nick Automatic! Here’s a bevy of pictures. Planning to buy a shirt since I haven’t bought a single indie shirt for 2012. Enjoy!

Lots of shirts that are looking good! SCARS is releasing its shirts, a.k.a. Brainwash Campaign 2012, on April 3 at Nick’s Doodle Store! Personally leaning toward the red shirt called Black Hearts Society.

As for Nick Automatic, it’ll be a May to Remember! May 5, 2012. Save the date. So many new shirts, and while I wasn’t personally a fan of the more recent releases, this release will be a blast, for sure!ll

Cheers! Until next time. Hoping to post a bit more often amid OJT, Thesis and other countless projects!


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