Sinulog weekend experience!

I know it’s been late, but I’ve been a bit busy! Lots of deadlines to meet, school projects and I just wrapped up my blog about the Sinulog Blast-Off 2012 in detail with 032cebu! Still in the works, but hopefully it’ll be posted soon. Sinulog 2012 was fun. A different kind of fun for me. Not really your typical party person. More on the concerts and gatherings. This year was no different.

Friday: Spent the evening at j-center mall with my classmates. Eat all you can at Mang Inasal! Missed the fireworks, but that’s alright. Insider tip, don’t buy the liempo unlimited rice meal. The liempo was kind of dry and tasteless. Maybe the chef was having a bad night.

Saturday: Went to the venue at around 3. Blogged about it in more detail over at! You guys should check it out soon. Here are some pictures. 20 action packed bands! It dragged on a bit. Fanboy mode for a bit when I got pictures with An Honest Mistake and Typecast. More music!

Sunday: Just chilled. Instead of joining the crowd in the city, spent my evening in J-center mall with a friend, just chilling and talking. Pretty relaxing. No crowd whatsoever. Afterwards, went to Koa Tree House to watch Franco! Good long 8 song set. Wanted to go into fanboy mode and get a picture with JanJan, but he was gone in an instant! Maybe next time.

Well, that’s my weekend in a nutshell. Monday was a rest day. Lots of stuff to do. Might be a while before I update with another post. But let’s see. Time management. Cheers!


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