Thread!Fest 2012

Sinulog weekend is finally approaching! Some people will be really excited about the parties, but I’m more of a concert and band person myself. Still, if it’s your thing, it’s a long party ahead! Streets will be filled. Sonic Boom Sinulog Blast-off 2012 is also happening on January 14, 2012 at the Grand Convention Center! Along with the blast-off will be the annual THREAD!Fest, a gathering of Cebu’s premier clothing lines and brands.

I’m too tired to post details, but here are a flurry of pictures! Lots of promos and discounts if you get your shirts at the event, so do get them! Lots of goodies in store! Let’s go!

Strawberry will be releasing the “Terry” this week-end. This cut-and-sew piece retails at PHP 850. Get them quick, only 2 pieces per size! Go!

Scars has their release as well! Shirts are at PHP 400 and the raglan is at PHP 500. Button packs of 4 are at PHP 200.

Product of Uranus! Both shirts are at PHP 400!

Monster Ink has its release as well. Prices stated above!

Killapinas! Check above for the discounts and prices. Good stuff!

Massive release from Nick Automatic! Take your pick. Prices above. Some reprints and some new designs.

Well, those are all the shirt previews I’ve gathered so far. Other brands will be there as well. Check the post below for information. It’s going to be a sick night with good music and merch. Personally, I want the movies shirt from Killapinas. It’s got that old horror movie vibe that I love. We’ll see though! That regional brand, PeterSaysDenim, also has some simple but impactful shirts! TeeDee is also on my list. Well, it’s all in the grand scale of things. So many shirts, so little time! I haven’t been this excited about a release for a while now.

Hope to catch you guys this Saturday, will be blogging about the blast-off on 032cebu, so I hope you guys can read up on the article soon. Some small perks of being an article writer include free passes. Pressure on me to write though. Anyway, less ranting and rambling, more rock and debauchery. Can’t wait to check out the new threads on THREAD!Fest 2012. Awesome stuff and hats off to all the organizers and sponsors. Let’s take a lot of pictures and enjoy the night!

Until next time, Cheers!


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