Franco at Koa Tree House!

I had been waiting for a long time to watch Franco. I was able to watch him and Gabby perform an intimate acoustic set before, but I knew that playing as a full band would be so much different! The band lined up a gig at Chicago Joe’s on December 3, 2011 and it was going to be awesome. I forgot that I had to fly in to Ilo-ilo for my cousin’s wedding. I was really sad as I really wanted to watch them that Saturday night. The wedding went fine and it was a great reunion, but I was still beating myself up on not being able to watch the show.

Sunday came along, and I was stoked to hear that Koa Tree House would have bands that night. Powerspoonz, Bambu Spliff, CDMC and a special guest band. Little did I know that it would be Franco! I was stoked to hear the news and was really grateful for the second chance to watch them!

I took very little pictures and more videos. Brought a car and another friend along (going solo sucks) and we waited for Franco eagerly. Bambu Spliff took the stage and they had some pretty good reggae beats. People were bobbing their head and dancing along to the cool stacatto tunes.

“Ain’t no sunshine when he’s gone.”

Good stuff. I saw the guitars and the pedal boards come out, and I was surprised (in a good way) that Franco came on stage! Seems like some people from Golden Peak were complaining about the noise, so it was a smart move by Koa to move in Franco to the second spot.  I heard that CDMC and Powerspoonz still got to play afterwards anyway, so that was good.

“My friends, we are one again tonight.”

Getting to watch one of your favorite bands live is a real treat. I had been waiting for this for a while, and it really met my expectations. They did an 8 song set, which was pretty awesome. Basically, they did the whole album! Touch The Sky, Seasons, Memorykill, Last Waltz, Next Train Out, This Gathering, Castaway and Song for the Suspect. They added a few touches not heard in the album, so it was even better. They had a really tight set, no clear mistakes to be found. Gabby and Buwi weren’t around, but the stand-ins were just as competent! Poldo, one of the guitarists from Franco’s older bands, stood in for Gabby and did an awesome job. He has great guitar chops and played lead like no tomorrow!

The crowd was a bit sucky though, since they didn’t really get up and move around. But it was fine. Part of it was the venue though. It was a bit more relaxed on a chilly Sunday night. Awesome show nonetheless. Really happy that I was able to watch it. Jollibee and some chilling afterwards, and my day was complete! We got some pictures with Ocho and Franco. I wanted a picture with Janjan but he was with his wife, so it was kind of a no-go.

“Did you see his body? Ripped.” -Andre

With Sir Ocho Toleran. 

Ended up really tired the day after. I was almost tempted not to write this post! Oh well. Good thing I got to doing it. Fun stuff for December! Really happy about getting to watch Franco. Finally! I just hope next time they play, it’ll be in a great big stage with ample room for jumping around and headbanging!

Until next time, Cheers!


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