The Pick Up Shop celebrates its first year anniversary!

Well, well, well. It seems like forever since I’ve written a proper article for this site. So sorry, sembreak got the best of me. I’ve got another article arrangement with so keep an eye out for that! Anyway, I’m also grateful since this site is close to the 10,000 hits mark! Wow! I never realized that a personal blog that isn’t on facebook would get a bit of attention.

The headline got your attention, didn’t it? Wow, The Pick Up Shop is turning one year old tomorrow! It’s crazy! I remember last year, as the Pick Up Shop opened, was the first time I got my shirts that were produced by local independent lines. It’s been a crazy journey, with lots of concerts and events, bands and brands, and everything in between!

Lots of brands come and go, but the shirt scene is still running rampant! Lots of good shirts coming out and a bevy of brands coming out, covering all sorts of art concepts, some good and some bad, but it’s all part of the bigger picture. The Pick Up Shop is one of those shops that cater to a lifestyle to kids and kids at heart, who love their music loud and have an appreciation for the arts!

The Pick Up Shop features three main brands in the store, namely: ROBO Muffin, Think Positive Wear and Mermollie Ink!

They’ve got a lot of shirts and surprises in store! Check out the teaser poster!

Come early, it’s going to be a barn burner! I’m betting there’ll be around a few hundred kids waiting outside the shop for the shirts they want. As for me, I’m happy to watch and take coverage of it all. Less shirts for me and more about the scene in general! Anyway, onto the shirts!

Here’s what ROBO Muffin has to offer for us.

Frankee definitely got served! A bit late for the Halloween festivities, but no one’s complaining, right? Cop this one for PHP 400.00!

Trick or Treat with your favorite muffin pastries. PHP 400.00 for this sucker.

On we go to Think Positive Wear.

Be part of the intergalactic confederation with this outer space creation! No price as of yet.

Join the wolf pack with this mono colored piece. Personally loving this one!

Last but not the least, we’ve got the color giant Mermollie Ink!

Dragon on steroids! PHP 400.00 for this crazed beast!

Cookie cutter madness! Still at PHP 400.00 for this cookie!

V-neck in the house! This V-necked vampire can be yours for PHP 400.00!

Partially eaten mushrooms with big-ass forks. This raglan will cost you PHP 445.00!

Well, there we have it. Lots of shirts for you! Celebrating both a late Halloween and the Pick Up Shop’s first year anniversary. Boy, how time flies. If you don’t know where the Pick Up Shop is, then check here. It’ll tell you where to go to get these shirts! If you aren’t in town, you should definitely check out the Pick Up Shop Express for online inquiries and orders.

There we have it! Hope you guys enjoy the anniversary event promo tomorrow! Almost December, the Christmas bonuses and 13th month pays will definitely fill your pockets. Lots of shirts coming our way before 2011 ends, so keep tabs on that. Soon. Will update you guys with the 10,000 hit mark and the latest article for

Until next time, Cheers!


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