Nick Automatic X Artwork and more!

Look what we have here. Some updates with the local shirt scene. Been pretty busy with school. Anyway, let’s get to it! Looking at the title, it seems pretty strange. But strange, it is not! Nick Automatic has teamed up with Artwork (Yes! THAT Artwork) to release 2 designs that will soon be available nationwide in all Artwork outlets.

Check it out!

Reminiscent of past designs, maybe?

Colored goodness!

That isn’t all! Aside from this collaboration, Nick Automatic has started what is known as Doodle Send.

It helps people who aren’t from Cebu get their shirts! They do meet-ups in parts of Manila, and they ship to areas that are cheaper than re-sellers! You should definitely check this out, maybe it’ll help you get the shirts you want! Take note though, they have just started and they’re stocking the latest designs from the last release. So if you’re looking for the older shirts, you might not have any luck with that.

Before we end, Nick Automatic is releasing the re-edition collection!

Some tank tops and re-hashes of recent designs. I don’t know about you, but that color combination of the Seal is just nice! No release date yet, just keep posted on their page! Shirts as usual will be available at Nick’s Doodle Store.

And that is all. Lots of news to get you by for the month of September. Just recently celebrated my birthday! We’re almost at 8,000 hits, so that’s good news. Cheers!


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