September Shirt Pick-ups!

Hey! It’s been a while since I’ve posted any shirt previews, so sorry about that. I have been a bit busy with school and intramurals week. Also doing some articles for ZeroThreeTwo, with my most recent article posted here, and the experience has been totally awesome. Anyway, on to the shirts!

We’ve got some exciting stuff to preview for you guys. Check out some of the shirt previews featured at the Pick-Up Shop, Robo Muffin, Mermollie Ink and Think Positive Wear! My next article for ZeroThreeTwo will be about the Pick-Up Shop, so be stoked for that!

Here’s the lone preview from ROBO Muffin! It’s called the Dead Baker.

Crafted by the talented Doyle See of Killapinas! Check out my interview with him here.

Next on the list, we’ve got a card slinging party with the royal family from Think Positive Wear!

Take your pick among the Diamond Queen, Ace of Spades, Jack of Clubs and King of Hearts! That’s 100% cotton with slim fit sizing. Check out the size chart on their respective facebook page.

Lastly, we have shirts from the gore-geous color explosion brand that is Mermollie Ink! Check it.

Didn’t I tell you it was an explosion of color? Created by Kensuke Creations.

I’m guessing you guys are having a hard time picking which shirts you want, eh? Anyway, these shirts will all be available at the Pick-Up Shop sometime September (with Mermollie Ink releasing on September 3), so please do check that out! Don’t know where the Pick-Up Shop is? I’ve got you covered with another article helping you get there. Check it out here.

There we have it! A generous helping of shirts for the month of September! Lots more previews and articles coming your way, so please keep on checking for updates. Cheers!


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