Sneak Peek Affairs!

Well, it’s time to play a game of Sneak Peek Affairs! We’ve got you covered with the upcoming release of Nick Automatic, so check that out below this post! Now, it’s been a bit slow for the local shirt industry, but we’re hoping for a boom this August and September! Let’s check the shirts out, shall we?

First off, we have a preview from Black Bile.

This lady kind of reminds me of Harley Quinn.

I don’t know about any other shirts, but this crazy lady would be great for your shirt collection! Release is happening next Saturday at Nick’s Doodle Store. You definitely don’t want to miss that!

Up next, we have a one shirt poster preview from color crazy brand, Mermollie Ink!

Colors abound with this 15 piece release!

That’s just crazy! 12 designs with 3 more yet to be revealed. As the poster says, don’t you miss out this tee time September! Their shirts are available at the Pick-up Shop as usual.

Splatter and more splatter! Last but certainly not the least are shirt previews from Killapinas! They’ve done a collaboration with Markov Clothing Company on one of their shirts and it looks sick! Best check out these shirts.

Hockey Mask Horror anyone? 

Skulls, skulls and more skulls!

   Definitely a creepy smile.

Bash your brains out!

Knockout collaboration!

These shirts look positively awesome! Hopefully, more lines will start posting their previews for their post-summer release! Tomorrow is the start of midterms. Better start hitting the books. Cheers!


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